VIDEO: RHONJ Reunion Trailer! Teresa Giudice Slams Brother Joe as a “B–ch’ as Luis is Confronted About Past, Jennifer Demands Bill “Clear the F-cking” Air, Plus Joe Quits?

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VIDEO: RHONJ Reunion Trailer! Teresa Giudice Slams Brother Joe as a "B--ch' as Luis is Confronted About Past, Jennifer Demands Bill "Clear the F-cking" Air, Plus Joe Quits?

Credit: Bravo/Heidi Gutman

Teresa Giudice‘s family drama is at the forefront of the just-released trailer for The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion.

Before Joe Gorga confirms he’s “done” with the show and tells the cast, “I quit,” he and Teresa are seen battling it out over loyalty as host Andy Cohen confronts Luis Ruelas about his past and Jennifer Aydin demands her husband, Bill Aydin, get vocal about their marriage.

“I wish you would f-cking tell Margaret to shut the f-ck up! This f-cker and his wife talking about my f-cking boyfriend! [You] should be f-cking slapping upside his f-cking head!” Teresa yells as the clip begins.

“You know what? Be a sister once in a while,” Joe replies.

Following weeks of questions into Luis’ potentially violent past, Andy reads off a list of claims against him.

“There’s road rage incidents, slashed a girlfriend’s tire, physical abuse in front of kids… Is any of it true?” he asks.

And while Luis’ response isn’t seen, Margaret Josephs declares, “Luis lied on camera.” Then, she refuses to “shut up” after Teresa tells her to do so.

Then, after Jennifer accuses Dolores of having “a hidden agenda,” Andy asked her about Bill’s affair, which Marge revealed on the premiere episode.

“Did you really not think about it for 10 years?” Andy wonders.

“Is your marriage good or not?” Dolores asks.

“It is f-cking good until she brought it up,” Jennifer explains, giving a nod to Margaret’s unexpected reveal.

After Marge points out that she couldn’t ruin a marriage if it was a happy one, she has a message for her husband.

“Bill, please, clear the fucking air. F-cking talk, Bill!” she screams.

As the clip comes to an end, Teresa, who deems herself as the “fairest of them all” to a “wow” from Margaret, confirms to Andy that Melissa will not be a bridesmaid in her wedding, explaining, “No. It’s my wedding.”

“You remember who’s been here through all your sh-t. ‘Family, family, I love family.’ Bullsh-t!” Melissa fires back, calling out Teresa for her failed loyalty to their family.

Joe then interjects, noting that Teresa did nothing when Jennifer called him a “b-tch boy.”

“B-tch boy? Joe, sorry. You are,” Teresa fires back at a majorly disappointed Joe, who demands she stop “putting [him] down.”

At that point, Joe has had enough and tells the cast, “I’m done. F-ck you people.”

You know what? I quit,” he adds.

Also in the trailer, Frank Catania admits that when it comes to Dolores’ new man, Paul Connell, the two of them “don’t exactly see eye to eye,” and Jackie Goldschneider reveals that it wasn’t easy to speak publicly about her eating disorder.

“It was hard to even say it on camera but I want to get rid of some of the shame around it,” she explains.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion begins airing next Tuesday, May 3, at 8/7c on Bravo.