RHOBH Recap: Kyle Calls Crystal “Dramatic” Amid Argument as Diana Labels Sutton “Clumsy and Weird”

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RHOBH Recap: Dorit Yells at Crystal During Argument Over Feelings as Sutton Apologizes for Insensitive Comment and Diana Calls Her “Clumsy and Weird”

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle‘s opening a new store in La Quinta, and the ladies are there to cheer her on. It’s not until *after* the event that things start unraveling in a big way and triggered emotions bring up unresolved feelings.

Crystal is hosting the women at her mansion (minus Sutton). They chat about light topics, and Kyle reminds the ladies about the upcoming La Quinta trip for her store opening. When Dorit excuses herself, Kyle tells the group that she is worried about her. Dorit left a voicemail for Kyle the night before, and the home invasion has clearly left her shook. Dorit explains that her anxiety has escalated to panic attack mode and she has trouble managing herself.

So now would certainly not be a great time for Kyle to bring up Sutton’s reaction to Dorit’s incident, but alas, Kyle loves to stir the pot. She claims she just wants everyone on a good page in La Quinta, therefore, she lets Dorit know (again, in front of all the other women) about Sutton’s insensitivity regarding Dorit’s burglary.

The ladies sit and gasp, but Garcelle jumps in to remind the group that Sutton should be there to defend herself, rather than have everyone talk behind her back. Sutton deserves the chance to explain her words and not have Kyle simply twist them up.

Side note: I didn’t know Kyle could actually drive herself anywhere. Not only that, but she finds her way to the nearest Jack in the Box on her way to La Quinta. She’s just like us! Kinda. Her rollercoaster of a ride with her previous store is enough to make your head spin, but she has decided to try it again — this time in a desert. Kyle was supposed to drive with Dorit, but she was having a panic attack earlier. Kyle can 100% understand how traumatizing this burglary was for Dorit, since she, too, had been burglarized a few years back. Perhaps Sutton should remind Kyle this “isn’t about you,” much like Kyle did to her.

Over at Garcelle’s, she is getting all the crystals and all the cameras after the events that unfolded at Dorit’s house, and Erika’s house is buzzing with assistants and her glam team. Erika is lamenting that she can’t buy new things cuz of all the bankruptcy trustees, so she is finding herself wearing things twice. The horror!

Garcelle, Erika, Diana, Rinna, and Crystal all gather at Erika’s house. They whip up some roadies, even though Diana doesn’t know what that means, and they head out to La Quinta. Erika is hoping for a better La Quinta trip this time around since last season she completely unraveled while in the desert.

While in the car with Crystal, Diana explains that she doesn’t go out shopping. Instead, she has clothes sent to her house by the designers. No wonder Crystal’s attempt to explain outlets to Diana is completely lost on her.

The ladies eventually make it to Kyle’s house while Diana, Crystal, and Sutton settle into a hotel. #Divas. Diana sends her team and glam before her to “check the place, set her up, and make it better.” What a life. Speaking of glam, a very subdued Dorit is decked in Kyle’s designs, but she explains that she has not felt very motivated to dress since the incident. This is a huge change from the Dorit we once knew.

At the hotel, Crystal chats with Sutton about Kyle. She explains that considering their budding friendship, she wants to be transparent with Sutton. She tells Sutton that Kyle was very upset and made Sutton sound very “insensitive” to the other women. To that, Sutton states that burglaries make her uncomfortable, and she says things like that when she is awkward. Her own home invasion and the fact that her father killed himself using a gun put her right over the edge.

Kyle’s store opening is popping — even Teddi is there to meet Kyle! Shahida, Kyle’s business partner, is scrambling to get everything together at the last minute. Finally, everything seems to fall into place. Kyle is strutting it on her red carpet, and Diana is enthralled with the fact that she is actually IN a store. Kyle makes a quick speech, and afterward, Sutton gets a minute alone with Dorit. Dorit explains that she has had a few rough nights and Kyle’s face when she sees Sutton engaging positively with Dorit is priceless. Sutton tries to apologize to Dorit, but Dorit reminds Sutton how insensitive she sounded when she said, “I’m sorry I didn’t have a gun pointed at my head.” Sutton owns that she sounded sh*tty, and luckily, Dorit accepts her olive branch.

I did, however, get a kick out of Sutton stabbing Kyle behind the back. It seems like this is all the ladies do to each other time and time again.

After Kyle’s event, the ladies get comfy at her house, and even Kyle’s dog enjoys a steak (sorry, Rinna!). As they all settle in, Garcelle breaks the ice: “Now that we’re all together, can we talk about Sutton?” She wants the air cleared so now nothing else can be said behind Sutton’s back. Kyle retorts that everything she said about Sutton she said to her face. Sutton makes it clear that she should have never put herself first in front of Dorit’s problem, but Kyle questions her empathy. Sutton reminds Kyle that boundaries are a weird thing, and she wasn’t sure if Dorit even wanted people around. When Sutton’s father shot himself, Sutton wanted no one!

Diana jumps in and reads Sutton: “Sutton is clumsy with her words and her behavior. You come off really weird and wrong.” OF COURSE, Erika nods along knowingly while Diana just goes in on Sutton, the woman she has known for approximately 15 minutes. Crystal mutters that there is a lot of hypocrisy going on because everyone is trying to tell Sutton how she should feel about a situation and that’s not fair.

Crystal can’t get over how this group of women constantly tells people how to feel, and she is triggered by the whole thing. It is bringing up feelings from last season when Kyle told her she was being dramatic for saying she was “violated” by Sutton walking in on her naked. Kyle believes Crystal needs to calm down and stop complaining about everything, but that would be much easier if Kyle stopped stirring it all up! Kyle further states that this is not about Crystal, and the two situations are completely different.

Sutton believes that she respects people, and to that, Erika retorts, “Do you respect how you treated me last year?” Ugh, Erika. In the words of Garcelle, “Here we go!” Erika points out that Sutton is the common denominator in most of the bickering and drama amongst the group, and she states that she would go at Sutton again in a heartbeat. Rinna can’t understand why they are not just supporting and being there for Dorit, and she wonders how this conversation took such a turn. Me tooooo.

Kyle tries to explain that she can talk about two issues, but they are like comparing apples to oranges. Crystal is triggered by this and does not appreciate Kyle calling her “dramatic.” Kinda hilarious that Kyle is calling someone else dramatic, isn’t it? Crystal has reached her boiling point when she says, “My feelings are irrelevant.” She believes Kyle will never understand, therefore, she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Garcelle reminds Dorit that again they are not validating her feelings when they poo poo her getting upset. Crystal needs to leave since it’s not “a safe place for” her.

Before Crystal leaves, Dorit stands over Crystal and yells that she does care about her and Kyle joins in the hovering. They both try to let Crystal know they do understand, but Crystal is over it. In the car back to the hotel, Diana reminds Crystal, “With friends, you should never feel alone.” Back at Kyle’s house, Erika, of all people, is the voice of reason when it comes to Crystal: “Let’s try to hear her out, not jump on her, and judge her.” Easier said than done with this crew…