Captain Glenn Shephard Reveals “Worst” Charter Guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

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Captain Glenn Shephard Reveals “Worst” Charter Guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

The debate rages on.

Of all the guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, who are the worst? At the beginning of season three, many viewers would have picked Erica Rose, her husband Charles, or her mother Cindi. The family was notorious for complaining about the crew, leaving a low tip, and allegedly lying about a stained couch.

Recently, a new group stepped up to the plate to compete for the title. Dr. Kim Nichols‘ charter earned points for their obnoxious standards and demands. Chief stew Daisy Kelliher (who angrily shoved their clothes in suitcases when asked to pack their bags) weighed in on the debate, and she voted publicly for Dr. Kim.

Now, Captain Glenn Shephard is in the judges’ box, casting his ballot.

“Erica Rose and her husband, Charlie, and Cindi — to some degree messing up the sofa and trying to pretend it wasn’t her — they were probably the worst,” he told The Daily Dish. “I don’t really like talking negatively about people.”

The captain also cited their $6,500 tip.

“They didn’t take care of the crew,” he said. “They kind of screwed the crew on, you know, they didn’t leave a normal tip. We don’t tell them how much to leave us in tip, but they left a really good tip last year. You go to the same restaurant two weeks in a row and you give a really good tip and then the next week you don’t, it’s like you’re saying something. So I felt like they were saying something negative to us, where we felt like we did a pretty good job of doing our best to take care of them, make sure they had a good holiday.”

Glenn continued, “If somebody has a legitimate complaint, we take it very seriously, but they were just making stuff up, I think, to justify the tip they already decided before they even arrived. I don’t know. There was something going on.”

So far, the score is one point for Erica and one point for Dr. Kim. Which crew member will cast the final ballot? One more vote will establish a winner.