Brandi Glanville Says Vicki Gunvalson Was a “B*tch” on RHUGT, Why She’s Not a “Good Fit” for RHOBH Anymore and Talks Erika and Sutton Drama

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Brandi Glanville Says Vicki Gunvalson Was a “B*tch” on RHUGT, Why She’s Not a “Good Fit” for RHOBH Anymore and Talks Erika and Sutton Drama

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On The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives ClubVicki Gunvalson (apparently) couldn’t make it nice. The 60-year-old met with several fan favorites at Dorinda Medley‘s Bluestone Manor.

What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, before Vicki flew to the Berkshires, her fiancé, Steve Lodgedecided to move out. This, of course, was the final nail in the coffin of their strange relationship.

In an interview with Page SixBrandi Glanville said Vicki was a “b*tch” on the trip. It seems her castmate’s behavior was a direct result of the breakup.

“We didn’t know that at the time, so she just came in being a bitch,” said Brandi, alongside costar Jill Zarin.

In the interview, however, Jill stood up for her friend.

“I’m going to defend Vicki. First of all, I have a lot of empathy for Vicki,” said Jill. “We all know that Vicki has said she does not want to be alone, she cannot be alone, she must have a man. She says she’s insecure about it, she knows it’s her issue. … The day she left to come to the trip, her boyfriend moved out or broke up with her.”

The New Yorker added, “I thought everybody knew. She had told me. I guess she didn’t tell everyone else. But I knew that this had happened with this man, and she was a mess! She can’t control her feelings. That’s what makes her the greatest ‘Housewife’ of all time.”

“If she’s feeling like a guy abandoned her and dumped her and everything else, she can’t put the smile on and fake it,” said Jill. “She’s not going to. She’s going to be sullen and sad and depressed — and we all had to deal with that because that’s what happened.”

Brandi, it seems, had a different perspective. “[Vicki] was pissing everyone off — maybe not Jill, but everyone else,” shared the mother-of-two.

When asked about her possible return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi hinted that she isn’t a “good fit” anymore. She feels the show is now “less authentic.”

“Honestly, it’s a different show than what I used to shoot,” she told the outlet. “When we used to shoot, they would just drop us off and be like, ‘You go and whatever happens, happens.’”

Brandi also discussed her alleged affair with Denise Richards — which Denise denies. According to Brandi, she assumed Denise and her husband had an “open marriage.”

“When I came back with the Denise drama, it was like, ‘OK, you sit here, you do this, we’re gonna do this again,’” said Brandi. “It felt very much produced to me, and I’m not an actress.”

The star continued, “It’s like, ‘Do that again.’ And I’m like, ‘What’d I do?’ I’m real in the moment, so I don’t know if I’m a good fit for what it is now. It just seems less authentic these days and more produced to me.”

Jill, however, “would love to see Brandi back on the show. We need that breath of fresh air, her honesty!” She added, “Oh, I would love to see what Brandi says to Erika [Jayne]. They might become friends. They could be allies. Who knows?”

Brandi, for her part, revealed she’s “friendly” with both Erika and her enemy Sutton Stracke.

“I definitely would have an opinion [if I were on this season] … I think Sutton has been ignorant in some of the things that she said, but I don’t think they were malicious,” said Brandi, alluding to Sutton’s “dark” comment. “I don’t think she did it on purpose.”

At the same time, Brandi thinks Erika likes to watch Sutton “go down.”

“Every time that something happens to Sutton, [Erika’s] like, ‘All right, let’s poke it a little more,’” said Brandi. “And I just feel like the two don’t like each other, it’s obvious … But it’s just like, I don’t know [who I would side with].”

As of now, there are two camps on RHOBH. One is for the veterans: Erika, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and Lisa Rinna. The other represents the newbies: Sutton, Garcelle Beauvais, and Crystal.

If Brandi returned, which team would she adopt?

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club premieres on June 23 on Peacock.