RHOBH Recap: Erika Suggests Crystal Take Laxatives Amid Eating Disorder and Says She’s Ignorant, Plus Will Sutton and Diana Ever be Friends?

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RHOBH Recap: Jamie Lee Curtis Drops in for a Charity Luncheon and Crystal Opens Up About her Eating Disorder on Social Media; Plus Sutton and Diana- Will They Ever be Friends?

It’s a very Omicron Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode as the group drops like flies. Rinna, Erika, and Garcelle are the first to be plagued by COVID, so they will not be attending Kyle‘s upcoming charity event, but that won’t stop the tensions from rising. Could a Christmas miracle make Diana and Sutton put the past behind them?

Kyle has gone all out (as usual) for her charity luncheon. There’s fake snow, Christmas décor galore, and her old pal Jamie Lee Curtis is on the scene. Jamie and Kyle go way back (I’m talking since 1978), and Jamie is there to promote her foundation, My Hand in Yours, where 100% of the proceeds go to children’s hospitals. You would think having an outsider in attendance would make the women behave. However, things naturally turn awkward as soon as Sutton and Diana are in the same room. Kyle is an absolute b*tch for seating Diana and Sutton right next to each other. Luckily, after Sutton gives Kyle the evil eye, the places get switched. Even Jamie can sense the tension!

When Dorit whispers to Diana how her lunch with Sutton went, Diana explains, “I am repulsed by her. I honestly went home and was scrubbing myself.” WHAT. Diana goes as far as saying that Sutton “offends” her “space.” Talk about fighting words. The conversation gets interrupted by Jamie displaying the gifts provided for the luncheon, and Dorit is her number one fan, oohing and aahing over all the My Hand in Yours goodies. Talk about a kiss-up, Dorit…

At the end of Jamie’s spiel, Kyle announces that she has made a $25,000 donation to a Kyle Richards and Jamie Lee Curtis fund for the Children’s Hospital, to which Diana blurts out that she will be matching. At least Diana is saying something nice and good for once!

As the lunch wraps up, Dorit finds Sheree and Sutton, and they begin discussing the lunch Sutton had with Diana. Sheree questions why Sutton is always in trouble, and Sutton explains she always says what she thinks. Dorit reminds Sutton that she did not lead with empathy when she spoke with Diana at Garcelle’s party.

In the meantime, by the bar, Crystal opens up to Kyle and Diana about her eating disorder. Crystal recently posted about it on her social media, thus opening the door to many questions. She states that it’s more of an internal feeling than about the way she looks, and she tells Diana and Kyle that she does not binge. When Kyle begins asking the hard questions, we are reminded that she, too, battled an eating disorder. Interesting how Kyle can relate to Crystal and her eating disorder, but when Sutton tries to do that with Diana, she gets slammed…

Kyle worries that Crystal is crying out for help by posting her feelings on Instagram, and Crystal shares that her eating disorder started at the age of 11. Crystal talks about how hard she worked to accept how she looks and appreciate who she is. She states that “physically being in her body sucks,” and that causes an emotional response from Kyle and Diana. Crystal cries and shares that she’s exhausted and so tired of it… especially because she does not want to pass it on to her children. Kyle hopes that Crystal seeks some help because, according to Kyle, whatever she is doing has not been helping.

The ladies join Dorit, Sheree, and Sutton back on the couch, and they go back to the Sutton/Diana drama. According to Sutton, “I think that Diana isn’t ready to kind of accept anything,” and to that, Diana agrees. Sutton believes that Diana is not interested in starting a friendship, and Diana explains that after Mexico on the way home, she started bleeding again. Maybe the group message wasn’t the best way to explain her circumstance, but Diana states that she is raw, and Sutton’s behavior is unacceptable. Sutton admits to 95% of the rocky friendship issues, and she really is trying to make amends with Diana. She even promises to give Diana lots of time and space.

Meanwhile, Rinna is busy chatting it up with Erika. They are comparing their COVID stories and are thrilled to be out of isolation in time for Diana’s major Christmas party. Rinna asks Erika about the new L.A. Magazine article since Erika and Tom are on the cover… and not in a good way. According to Erika, the L.A. Magazine article is a recycled story that is about 365 days late. She calls it a low blow for the article to call her “ambitious,” and she explains that Tom’s current mental situation is not getting any better. Erika tells Rinna that she can’t get a divorce right now considering all the legal stuff that is going on, and it just leaves you scratching your head…

Diana and Asher, her fiancé, prep for the Christmas party. Diana is amped to make her Beverly Hills home a winter wonderland, but it seems like Asher is WAY too into this planning. He almost bosses her around regarding the decorations!

In other news, Kathy Hilton is back ya’ll!!!!!!! She prepares to host a baked potato + caviar meal (LOL) for Kyle, and she clomps around her mansion that has a different style Christmas tree in every room. Must be amazing to be rich! When Kyle settles in at the table, Kathy tells her, “Trying to get in touch with you is like trying to pull a hemorrhoid out of a bull’s tush.” That is hilarious particularly because Kathy can’t even find her phone, so we know she doesn’t TRY to get in touch with Kyle. I mean, Kathy comments on Kyle’s Instagram that she can’t find her and for Kyle to call her! I kind of feel like Kathy knows EXACTLY what she’s doing when it comes to “ignoring” Kyle. #blocked.

It’s the day of Diana’s party, and I must admit that she looks underwhelmed by the décor. But then again, does she ever look happy about anything??? Maybe when she talks about her kids being under her roof for the holidays… then we see a smile.

Everyone (minus Dorit, who is in isolation due to PK testing positive for COVID) is excited to be going to Diana’s. Erika admits that she has been having a little too much fun lately, but that doesn’t stop her from boozing while she gets ready. Doesn’t help that Diana promises Erika that she could sleep over in case she gets overserved.

The women trickle in, and we learn that Sutton will not be in attendance as she now has COVID too. When Kathy arrives, Diana explains that she knows her as “Paris’ mom.” No one gets a better greeting than Garcelle, who arrives bearing a gift and good energy, something that Diana didn’t bring to her party.

Garcelle heads over to talk to Crystal and tells her that she “looks thin.” Not sure if she was complimenting Crystal or what, but it was a strange thing to say to a girl who just came out on social media about her eating disorder. This begins a conversation. Crystal explains to Garcelle and Erika that the holidays are weird, and it causes a trigger for her.

Erika probes and wants to know if Crystal pukes after she eats. When she hears Crystal’s response, Erika states, “I always think, take laxatives and you’ll get rid of it.” Holy inappropriate, Erika! Crystal tells Erika that when she purges, she feels better, but she does enjoy the food going down. I can’t tell if Erika is trying to be helpful with her recommendation of pooping it out vs. puking it out, but either way, it gets awkward. The convo ends as passed food emerges. A loud, obnoxious Erika swoops in and yells in Crystal’s direction, “You can’t have this — it’s a chicken tender!” Cringe and totally insensitive. When will Erika learn when to say when?