Married to Medicine’s Contessa Metcalfe Offers Update on Marriage to Dr. Scott After Filing for Separation

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Married to Medicine’s Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Offers Update on Her Marriage Ahead of Season 9, Says She and Husband Have Made “Big Strides.”

After enduring a difficult season 8 of Married to Medicine, star Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is giving fans and viewers an update on where she and husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe’s, marriage stands ahead of season 9.

Fans will remember that Contessa and Scott’s marriage was on the brink of divorce the last time we saw the couple during Married to Medicine’s season 8 reunion show.

Contessa was heard crying backstage, “I have 3 kids. The stakes are so high!” and Scott was seen saying that he would be leaving the reunion because it felt “like a sneak attack” after co-star Quad Webb claimed Contessa had already filed for separation.

Speaking to E! News, Contessa claimed the two are in a much better place after undergoing lots of therapy after living in their relationship “half in and half out” for months.

“We’ve made some big strides,” Contessa shared with the outlet. “We went through a lot of growing pains as people saw. We had a seven-year itch. We had a 10-year itch and 15-year itch, and I hope we’re doing scratching.”

After months of tense and difficult conversations surrounding divorce, Contessa revealed that she reached a breaking point and put a for sale sign outside of their Atlanta home in an effort to show her husband that she was at an impasse and ready to end the marriage.

However, when Scott came home and saw the sign, Contessa said that it had an impact on him, and he pushed down the sign and finally agreed to therapy.

Contessa claimed that neither one of them had a grown up with a model of what a healthy marriage looked like and therapy was a real eye-opener for the couple.

“When he started going to therapy, it was good because he was able to become more aware of the things that he was only doing because it was what he was taught,” Contessa explained to the outlet. “Neither one of us, to be honest, saw a good example of marriage growing up. We were just winging it and then trying to listen to 10 different people tell you 10 different ways to do the same thing. It just was not effective.”

The Married to Medicine doctor continued saying that she and Scott are trying to set a good example for their kids, and upon realizing the impact their behavior may been having on their children, the whole “dynamic” of the house “shifted.”

“Whatever things that we’re doing, we’re making it normal for the kids and they’re gonna grow up and do the same thing because we’re mimicking some of the things that we saw,” she said. “When that became real, I think our whole home shifted.”

As for what’s to come for the couple in the upcoming season of Married to Medicine, Dr. Contessa shared that she’s looking forward to showing the audience that her marriage is not perfect, but it is authentic.

“Actually, being honest about what you authentically are going through and how you guys are doing can lead to positive change,” she said. “There’s no right way or wrong way to do it. Just get help. Just be honest because help is waiting for you.”

The new season of Married to Medicine airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.