REPORT: Diana Jenkins Hires ’24/7′ Security Over Alleged Death Threats From RHOBH Fans, Denies Hiring Bots to Attack Garcelle’s Son, Plus Rinna Speaks

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 REPORT: Diana Jenkins Hires '24/7' Security Over Alleged Death Threats From RHOBH Fans, Denies Hiring Bots to Attack Garcelle's Son, Plus Rinna Speaks

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Amid this rather dark week involving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, during which the teenage son of Garcelle Beauvais was a victim of multiple threats and harassment online, a new report is now claiming Diana Jenkins has also been receiving threats.

Earlier this week, we questioned if the Instagram attack on Garcelle’s 14-yr-old son, Jax Nilon, was orchestrated after a Twitter user pointed out that the accounts posting the disturbing messages to the child appeared to be newly created bot accounts. This led some fans to question if any of the RHOBH stars might be involved as Garcelle has had recent feuds with some of her costars.

Fast forward to today, and Page Six is now reporting that Diane has had to beef up her security over alleged threats from Bravo fans.

“Diana’s team of security experts advised her to hire four personal bodyguards as they believe credible death threats have been made,” an insider close to the RHOBH newbie told the outlet.

“The bodyguards are 24/7,” added the source. “She’s taking every precaution she can to protect herself and her family.”

The 49-yr-old Bosnia native also took to her Instagram page on Friday to deny she had hired bots to attack Garcelle’s son.

“I have been accused of instigating the hateful and inexcusable cyber bullying of Garcelle’s son. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have stood for human rights my whole life. There is no place for hate in this world,” wrote Diana on August 26.

She continued, “To those people who have been attacking my family and threatening our lives, you are also spreading hate and creating fear. Please stop.”

Lisa Rinna also took to her Instagram Stories to deny she had anything to do with the possibility of bots being hired to attack Jax.

“I can’t believe I even have to clarify this, but I did not hire bots to attack Jax,” wrote Rinna on Friday. “Please stop with the accusations and threats.”

Rinna and Diana’s denials came after Erika Jayne initially issued her own denial amid backlash for agreeing with a comment that criticized Bravo for standing up for Garcelle’s son and not her own son, a police officer, when he was being attacked by the “woke mob,” years ago.

Many Bravo fans pointed out to Erika that Garcelle’s son is a child while her own son is an adult.

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