Jen Shah Accuses RHOSLC Costar of Racist Behavior and Using Slur Against Son, Plus She Calls Out Lisa Barlow for Blocking Supporters Amid Fraud Case

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RHOSLC's Jen Shah Accuses Co-Star of Racist Behavior and Using Slur Against Son as She Targets Lisa Barlow for Blocking Supporters

Jen Shah shared a series of accusations against one of her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast members on her Instagram Story earlier this week.

As she prepares to be sentenced for crimes of fraud tied to an apparent years-long telemarketing scheme targeting “elderly, vulnerable victims,” Jen took to her social media account, where she asked her fans and followers, “Who did that?” Then, she shared a series of claims against her unnamed co-star.

“1) Donated to ‘Ted Cruz for President’ campaign [four] times,” Jen began her list, continuing on to reveal the racist comments the RHOSLC cast member allegedly said.

“2) Said there are ‘different types of Black people’ … For example, ‘Black people from Compton are different from Black people from Salt Lake City,'” Jen shared, adding that her husbandSharrieff Shah, is from Compton.

“3) Said ‘OMG you look just like Moana from the Disney movie. Your people have the coolest hair, can I touch it?'” Jen went on.

Jen then shared in her fourth statement that her co-star told her she should not talk about her mental health on the show or say she uses medication to treat her depression because “it will be used against [her].”

In her final two statements against her castmate, Jen said that the unidentified woman “called [her] son the ‘n’ word” and once told her, “Not to be racist or anything, but I like the big Black one the best.”

Jen Shah Accuses RHOSLC Cast member of Using Racial Slur Against Son

Although Jen didn’t give any hints as to who the woman in question may be, she did share a post about Lisa Barlow around the time that her game was shared. The post was initially written by one of Jen’s fans.

“Not Lisa Barlow blocking Jen fans [and] also blocking some Jen fans from her stories. Hmm, what’s with that Lisa? She’s blocked/blocked from stories some of my friends who haven’t even said anything negative about but they support Jen. I can understand blocking me due to my post regarding the tweets she was liking. Could she just be blocking/blocking from stories anyone who supports Jen?” the fan asked.

And in a comment, seemingly giving a nod to her initial post about the unnamed RHOSLC cast member, Jen said the behavior was “serving [Ted Cruz for President].”

Jen Shah Shades Lisa Barlow After Racist Claims Against RHOSLC Star

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year.