RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Reacts to “Sexual Favors” Accusation About Business as Whitney Rose Denies Giving Heather Gay a Black Eye

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Lisa Barlow Reacts to “Sexual Favors” Accusation regarding Vida Tequila, and Whitney Rose Denies Giving Heather Gay a Black Eye

In the season three trailer for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Meredith Marks claimed there were rumors that Lisa Barlow (her former friend who called her a wh**e) was “doing favors” to get accounts for Vida Tequila, Lisa’s company.

Later in the video, castmate Whitney Rose shouted, “You told me she performed sexual favors,” and Lisa seemed surprised by the accusation.

Soon after the trailer dropped, Lisa took to Instagram and released a video, shared by Queens of Bravo.

“You know, we sell Vida Tequila everywhere, and this is one of our favorite accounts,” said Lisa, filming herself, before pointing the camera to a man at a bar.

“Stan, tell us why you love Vida Tequila,” she continued.

“Because it’s delicious, it’s the best, and more important it’s classy,” he responded.

Lisa then pointed the camera back to herself and declared: “Exactly, and no favors necessary.”

Lisa isn’t the only Housewife to deny accusations arising from the trailer. In another clip from the video, Heather Gay revealed her black eye, and Lisa commented that it looked like “somebody clocked you.” Heather responded, “Well, maybe somebody did.”

Then, in a later scene, Whitney and Heather seemingly engage in a scuffle. As Whitney is yelling, Heather appears to physically move her out of the way. At some point in the clip, Whitney falls back against the wall.

After the trailer was released, fan account Real Housewives Gifs posted a photo of Heather’s black eye and asked Whitney directly: “Did you do this yes or no.”

Whitney responded, via Queens of Bravo, “NO! Of course not.”

After Whitney denied the accusations, Instagram user @itsryanmichael — who seems to be friends with Heather, who is featured in several photos on his Instagram — wrote in the comments, “We all slipped and fell on the ice and there’s no getting up anytime soon.”

As of now, Heather has not spoken publicly about the black eye. Castmates are encouraged to keep a lid on the season’s secrets until the episodes air. This rule, however, has been broken on several occasions.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three premieres Wednesday, September 28, at 9/8c on Bravo.