PHOTOS: Kathryn Dennis Suffers Black Eye and Facial Bruises as Source Discusses Southern Charm Absence, Was She Assaulted?

by Adam Ragsdale
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Source Shares Why Kathryn Dennis Has Been Missing From Southern Charm Season 8

On the current season of Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis has been mysteriously missing from several cast trips and events, leading viewers to wonder why.

In a quick scene right before the trip to St. Simon Island, Shep Rose claimed Kathryn couldn’t make it because she was with her kids, and he gave no further explanation.

According to Fits News, a source who works in production shared images that perhaps give context to Kathryn’s lack of airtime.

The insider claimed Kathryn appeared for filming at one point with a swollen jaw and a black eye. On that day, a male co-star allegedly saw the injury but kept working with Kathryn without commenting.

The insider claimed to have asked Kathryn what occurred, and she answered that she was “not allowed” to discuss it. The source also alleged that Kathryn wouldn’t declare if the injury was an assault or an accident.

The images that were given to the outlet show Kathryn with visible bruises around and below her left eye.

The outlet stated that Kathryn didn’t wish to address the images or injuries, but she had confirmed that the photos were real and offered no objection to their publication.

When the network first took notice of the injuries, Kathryn had applied her own makeup before shooting a scene with a male castmate and his significant other.

“It’s normal for Kathryn to do her own makeup for daytime shoots, but for this shoot with the couple, she had on an unusual amount of foundation in an effort to cover the area around her eye,” said the insider. “It was noticed by production and her management.”

This triggered a meeting between Kathryn and a producer of the show. The source claimed the meeting transpired in a vehicle with the windows rolled up and doors closed.

“I couldn’t hear what was said, but Kathryn was tearing up during and after the conversation,” shared the insider.

Some days after, the insider indicated that NBC (the owner of Bravo) conducted an investigation regarding whether or not they had “liability” concerning the injuries.

Though Kathryn initially offered “no comment” to the outlet, she eventually said she “couldn’t” discuss the photos. But she did comment on her lack of time on the show, describing the situation as “disappointing.”

The 31-year-old said Shep’s explanation for her absence on the trip was false.

“I didn’t have the kids, and they knew it,” said Kathryn. “I was just cut out of shooting for that period of time.”

According to the star, the network’s treatment of her was unsettling.

“I wanted to film,” she went on. “I wanted to take the trip to Auldbrass and St. Simon’s Island, but I wasn’t included by production.”

Southern Charm season eight airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.