RHOBH: Secret Witness Refuses to Testify in Tom Girardi’s Misconduct Investigation, Faces Contempt of Court

by Adam Ragsdale
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In 2020, Girardi Keese — the once-respected law firm of Erika Jayne’s husband Tom Girardi — was forced into bankruptcy (along with Tom himself) after former clients accused the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband of embezzlement.

Earlier this year, the State Bar of California began an investigation regarding its own employees to determine if there was any collaboration in covering up Tom’s alleged misconduct.

According to Radar Online, the California State Bar accused a secret witness of refusing to appear and answer questions. The witness was subpoenaed for testimony regarding the investigation.

A new complaint, which was filed by the State Bar in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims the witness was served an investigatory subpoena in order to produce documents and testify.

The gender of the witness is unknown. The California State Bar wants the court to order the confidential witness to appear to explain why they didn’t testify.

The filed lawsuit says, “The confidential investigation at issue here concerns the State Bar’s handling of complaints against Mr. Girardi, a now-disbarred licensee of the State Bar.”

It also claims the witness has “information relevant to the investigation,” but they refused to show up for an August 11 deposition.

The attorney of said witness allegedly spoke with the law firm in charge of the investigation, but their lawyer was purportedly unwilling to offer up the client.

The attorney, however, claims the subpoena is improper. The State Bar of California wants the secret witness to be found in contempt should they fail to show up. As of now, a ruling has not been made.

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