Brielle Biermann Says Mom Kim Zolciak Wants Her to Have a Baby, Talks Being Bullied and Addresses Surgery Rumors, Plus Calls RHOA Cast “Boring,” and If She Wants Kim to Return to Show

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Brielle Biermann Says She Was Physically Bullied After Appearing on Reality TV, Talks Plastic Surgery Rumors, Calls Current RHOA Cast "Boring", Plus Whether or Not She’d Want Kim to Return to RHOA

Brielle Biermann, a star on Don’t Be Tardy and the daughter of former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak Biermann,  is opening up in a new interview and giving new details of her family’s time on RHOA and Don’t Be Tardy. And boy, is it a lot.

While appearing on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Brielle told the host that one of the best and simultaneously the worst moments of RHOA was when her mom decided to quit the show, not knowing that it would eventually lead to her family getting their own spinoff.

“I was like, please don’t ever go back to Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was like, quit. And she did,” Brielle said. “And she didn’t know she was going to do Don’t Be Tardy. She didn’t have that lined up or anything like that.”

While the family’s show ran for eight seasons and led to much success and numerous opportunities, Brielle also confessed that she’s a natural introvert, and once the show began airing, her newfound fame led to her being violently bullied at school.

“When [the show] aired…I was bullied. I didn’t really talk to anybody that I didn’t know. I’m not going out of my way to say ‘Hi’,” she said. “Like, I have my friends already. So, I guess people just thought I was like standoffish because of that.”

Brielle said that behavior led to her being targeted.

“I actually got bullied so much. I got beat up… I got punched, and my hair pulled,” the former Bravo star said.

Brielle said she’s still subject to bullying to this day, however, now it’s limited to online hate and cyberbullying.

“I’m bullied every single day, but online versus in person,” she told the podcast. “So, I’ve been bullied every day for as long as I have been on TV. What is it, like 13 years now?”

On a more lighthearted note, Brielle said her mom, Kim, desperately wants a grandchild already and would be elated if Brielle were to become pregnant.

“Oh my god, she would love it. She would lose her mind. [It] would be the happiest day of her life,” Brielle joked. “Probably. Like 50/50. She probably would be pissed because she’s going to have to deal with me bitching for the next nine months.”

Brielle also took time to address that infamous tweet that her mom seemingly directed at John Legend offering up Brielle for sexual favors for tickets to his concert. However, in a surprising turn of events, Brielle said it was her, not Kim, who wrote the tweet and posted it, thinking people would find it funny.

“I actually wrote that tweet… I think we were just trying to be funny, and people didn’t see it that way… I showed [Kim] and was like, ‘Wouldn’t this be funny?’” Because we were like, let’s go to the John Legend concert,” she said. “My mom wouldn’t actually do that.”

The Don’t Be Tardy star also denied having any plastic surgery (specifically a nose job), only fillers. She went on to explain that she’s grown up and gone through puberty, so of course she’s going to look different.

“They’re comparing these photos of me from when I was 11 or 12 years old,” she said.

Brielle confessed that there are things that she would like to change about her body, but in reality, she is too scared to actually go “under the knife.”

“I want a fat a**. I want a small waist. I want to look good. But the nose is like, you actually have to go under the knife for that one. And I’m too scared to do anything like that.”

Now that Don’t Be Tardy has been canceled, when asked if she would want her mom Kim back on RHOA, Brielle gave a resounding yes, calling the show’s current cast “boring.” She then revealed who she thinks should be on the cast.

“I honestly think that they should do a show with Kim, Nene [Leakes], Sheree [Whitfield]. I just want the OGs, but Phaedra [Parks] really brings some good commentary… I love Phaedra. So, I think that would be good if they could get them back together. The way Real Housewives of Atlanta is going lately, it’s not getting a good rap anymore. Right? Who do I need to talk to? I’m going to call Andy after this,” she said.

You can listen to Brielle’s full interview here.