Brielle Biermann Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors, Says She’s Embarrassed by Mom Kim Zolciak’s Stint on RHOA, Plus Admits She’s “Asked” for Scenes to Be Cut From Don’t Be Tardy

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Brielle Biermann Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors, Says She’s Embarrassed by Mom Kim Zolciak's Stint on RHOA, Plus Admits She's "Asked" for Scenes to Be Cut From Don't Be Tardy

Brielle Biermann spoke out about the ongoing plastic surgery rumors she faces during the special kids episode of Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night.

As she and other children of Real Housewives cast members spoke about their time on Bravo, Brielle explained why the reports are senseless before looking back at mom Kim Zolciak‘s stint on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and admitting to trying to have certain scenes cut from Don’t Be Tardy.

“They think that you’ve had a lot of plastic surgery,” Brielle said of critics on the WWHL: After Show. “They don’t realize that you look different when you’re 10 years old to 24. I hope I look f-cking different.”

While Brielle has copped to using filler on her lips, she has denied plastic surgery reports for years, but she also noted that she wouldn’t hesitate to go under the knife if need be.

During another portion of the After Show, Brielle was asked about Kim’s best and worst moments on RHOA.

After first revealing that she just started watching old episodes of the series, Brielle said it was episode one that is her current favorite.

“Probably the first episode where she’s sitting there buying clothes and saying she’s going to die in Dior and goes and buys an Escalade and just says, ‘Thank you, Papa,”” Brielle replied, also revealing that every time she and her friends see Kim, they say, “Thanks, Papa,” to taunt her.

As for Kim’s most embarrassing moment, Brielle said she “can’t pick one.”

“There’s a lot of things on there that make me cringe,” she shared.

Brielle has also been embarrassed by moments on Don’t Be Tardy and admitted to reaching out in hopes of having them removed from the series.

“There’s been certain scenes that I think all of us have asked to get taken out but you know how that goes, it doesn’t really happen,” she noted.

As for what’s next for Brielle, whose show Don’t Be Tardy was canceled earlier this month, she is working on the launch of a new company.

“I have our makeup line and I’m about to start my second company that’s just my company so I’m really excited for that,” she revealed.

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