RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Accused of ‘Lying’ & “Betrayal” by Angie Harrington Over Lisa Rumor as Whitney Fires Back, and Meredith Reacts

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Whitney Rose Defends Herself after Being Accused of Lying, and Friend Angie Harrington Shades Whitney over “Betrayal”

On a previous episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, both Whitney Rose and Meredith Marks addressed rumors about castmate Lisa Barlow. But when Whitney informed Lisa of the conversation, Meredith was painted as the villain. At the time, Whitney seemingly failed to mention her own part in the discussion (i.e., she exposed a rumor about Lisa cheating with a wealthy man).

When Whitney’s story was challenged, she then pointed a finger at Heather Gay. According to Whitney’s claims, while at a Utah Jazz game, Angie Harrington told her and Heather that Lisa and John obtained Jazz tickets because the Vida Tequila owner allegedly slept with such-and-such person.

In that scene, Heather clapped back, “Well guess what, I didn’t hear that f**king nugget!” She also accused her cousin of lying.

As the recent episode aired, Whitney unleashed her thoughts on Twitter.

“I don’t need to lie because I have no problem telling the truth right [to] your face,” she tweeted.

On the same evening, her friend Angie tweeted, “I missed that F*ck$ng NUGGET too!” (Which was referring to Whitney’s claim that Angie spread the rumor.) She then included a hashtag, “Because it [didn’t] happen.”

The friend also tweeted: “Not sure what I did to deserve that betrayal @whitneywildrose.”

Whitney responded simply, “You lied.”

Twenty minutes later, Angie clapped back, “I didn’t lie and did absolutely nothing to you to deserve that. Was nothing but [a] good friend to you when that happened.”

Angie also stated that evening: “Next time I invite a ‘good friend’ to an event it will be @MeredithMarks0 … #shecanbetrusted.”

Meredith seemed to give a seal of approval, commenting with three heart emojis.

In the first two seasons of RHOSLC, Angie was identified as a “guest” before being promoted to “friend” for the current season. As of now, it seems her friendship with Heather and Meredith is still strong despite the recent fallout with Whitney.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.