RHOP Recap: Chris Addresses Gizelle’s Claims, Robyn Feuds With Wendy, Wendy Opens Up About Hair Loss, Plus Candiace Starts Fertility Journey

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RHOP Recap: Chris Addresses Gizelle’s “Uncomfortable” Claims, Wendy Opens Up About Hair Loss, and She and Robyn Butt Heads, Plus Candiace Starts Fertility Journey

This episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac is titled “Stand in Your Truth.” Who is willing to be unapologetically themselves and not people please? I know two green-eyed bandits who might be taking a seat this episode, but it seems more like a game of musical chairs! Let us play, shall we?

Returning from our TBC, Candiace is chatting with Eric the producer, and she’s making it perfectly clear that she will not tolerate her husband being targeted. Eric is pretending poorly that he has no control over this storyline, but we know they always have their suspect hand mixing that shady pot. Candiace is leaving the building so she can avoid Satan’s neck and ankles — now that was damn funny. Ashley then asks Wendy about her restaurant deal with Peter. Eddie told her that she needs to take a pause on this stupid storyline. IMO, Wendy is grasping to hold onto her position, and she has lost body parts to celebrate and hence no storyline.

Robyn refuses to take the flack for coming after Mia — while Gizelle is apologizing to Mia for questioning her illness. Robyn is defending herself by reiterating she never called Mia a liar. Wendy wants Robyn to own her truth with all 10 toes down. Mia then lets us have the exclusive before social media that she did not have a malignancy. Robyn invites the other ladies’ kids to participate in a family fun day. She is leaving Dr. Wendy out of the invitation, and she is not a happy camper over it. Wendy is then caught on a hot mic trash-talking trash Mia and calling her a liar.

Candiace is at home preparing herself for the egg retrieval injections. She is not happy that Chris is not helping her with this, and I understand her fear of putting those injections in by herself. Candiace is resentful that she must deal with Chris being attacked while she is trying to undergo this process. She did not realize you have to always watch your back/neck/cankles/stove-pipe legs with Gizelle.

Karen and Ray are getting a manicure together. She then asks Ray about other men checking her out and asks if it makes him insecure. Is there a subliminal message in this conversation? Ray wants Karen to stay close and not allow anyone to have her candy. IMO, Karen is almost asking permission to check out her options or have more of an open marriage??? I am clutching my pearls as I write this! I am shook, and we now know that Karen will be facing cheating rumors this season.

Ashley and her brother Zach are house shopping. She is using Michael’s agent Natalie, and she is delusional thinking she is also her friend. Ashley has lost deals since Michael is not willing to part with his cash. Natalie claims that the bank and the lender are willing to loan her the money despite knowing their marital status. Ashley needs to open her eyes and realize that this whole deal that Michael has generously put on her plate is a sh*t sandwich. She then cries on Zach’s shoulder and is concerned that she might be making a mistake by trusting the dusty troll, Michael.

Robyn shows off her new home and feels she has come full circle. She is moving on up from her townhome. Robyn and Juan are chatting about their wedding plans, and her mom wants to know if they will have a repeat of their past wedding. She asks Juan about exploring the option of getting a prenup. Juan says he does not care since he makes more money than her anyway. Robyn, while slurping her drink in her ITM, denies to the producer that he said that comment, but production replays that scene to prove their point. Side note: Does anyone believe that Robyn makes more with her RH earnings and her ball cap, ahem, enterprise?

Juan tells Robyn that he would never go after her business earnings. He wants her to put in writing everything she wants, and he will agree to it. Robyn says she trusts Juan to do the right thing, but he thinks she is showing a lack of trust. She said the prenup they had in the past was a nothing burger since they were broke when they divorced. Juan cannot escape this conversation and this fictional relationship any quicker.

Wendy visits her doctor because she is suffering from hair loss. She started losing it after baby Kamrynn was born. Wendy thinks her body is struggling due to all her self-inflicted stress. She does not like the option of a medication that will cause her to grow a beard. Wendy claims to be modeling herself after her super busy mom. She needs to check out laser hair removal or she will start looking like Eddie if she does not heed the doctor’s warning!

Mia is meeting Robyn for lunch so they can clear the air with each other. Robyn is asking questions about Mia’s lumps and what she had biopsied. She is wondering why she is providing her health updates on social media. Robyn is way too interested in Mia’s lump on her a*s. She then mentions what is happening with Candiace and Chris. Mia now has something else that she pulled out of her a*s to pile on Chris too? She then describes Chris as being awkward, and he kept sneaking glances at the spring party. IMO, she is being delusional like Gizelle thinking every man is coveting her. I love how production shows Chris never looking her way #goodshade.

Gizelle visits the Grande Dame’s house, and they are trying to find a new path back to friendship. She loves the way Karen loves her but thinks she is crazy. Gizelle then imparts that she had an issue where Chris made her feel uncomfortable. Our Grande Dame is reading the room like a professor and asks the very reasonable question, “How did we go from conversation in a room to his word against yours?” Karen will only commit to Chris might owe her an apology, and Gizelle looks relieved that she might have an ally.

Candiace and Chris are having lunch, and she shares that Gizelle is stressing her out, and stress can contribute negatively to producing enough eggs. Chris admits he was initially angry since it is not his personality to make women uncomfortable. He makes a good point when he says, “You can do everything that you think you’re doing right to make somebody feel comfortable, but you don’t know what they’ve been through.” Chris then shares that Gizelle invited him to her room, and he is 99% sure that is how that went down. He even suggested leaving the door open while they chat since he did not want any rumors about him being in her hotel room.

Chris makes another good point and production rolls the tape on Gizelle talking about his “brown penis with a pink tip” and making it a point to rush over and hug him whenever she sees him. IMO, Gizelle is suffering from pretty girl syndrome thinking that she is always on men’s radar, but she needs to recognize that she is no longer a 20-year-old hottie. Side note: Chris really annoys me when he speaks with his “black accent,” and it makes him appear inauthentic just like Dorit on RHOBH.

Karen is now telling Gizelle that she had the same experience with another husband in this group. This husband pulled her in so tight that her breasts went back to her backbone. OOF, that had to hurt! Karen had to visit her pastor since she was so troubled by his behavior, but she does attribute it to drinking. I can only think of two suspects, one being Michael Darby, but what would she have to lose by piling more crap on that lecherous troll? My bet is that it is Gordon who was drooling and being touchy-feely with Karen, and she does not want to start crap with a husband who is currently filming with her. Karen thinks there are cracks in the green-eyed bandits’ friendship since they are not in agreement over Gizelle gunning for Chris.

Robyn weirdly shows up to Candiace and Chris’ lunch. She first says that she does not agree with Gizelle. Robyn also does not think that Chris had any intention of being sneaky. She then goes in for a hug, and Chris reminds her that he never does that first and follows the lady’s cue for that. Candiace says that the pearl-clutching Gizelle is dead to her. But Gizelle felt in her expanding gut that Chris was wrong and inappropriate with her. Well, Blurbers, the uncomfortable gauntlet has been thrown, and we will have to see how the alliances will shift. Who knew Robyn would finally find her voice?

Next week, we have more divorce drama and conversations about Chris. Have a wonderful week, and see you next Sunday for more shady tea!