RHOBH: Source Alleges Employee at Aspen Club Called Lisa Rinna “Rudest of All,” Reveals More Details Behind Kathy Drama as Fan Shares New “Receipts”

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RHOBH: Source Claims Employee at Aspen Club Called Lisa Rinna “The Rudest of All,” Reveals More Details behind Kathy Drama, as Fan Shares New "Receipts"

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Although season 12 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just concluded, fans are still wondering what actually happened in Aspen. According to actress Lisa Rinna, her co-star Kathy Hilton was out of control in a raging meltdown at the Caribou Club.

As the story goes, Lisa agreed to take Kathy home while Crystal Kung Minkoff allegedly called for a sprinter van. However, upon its arrival, only Lisa and Kathy departed in it. Afterward, at some point in their private conversation, Kathy allegedly threatened her sister and Bravo.

Recently, fan account @oopsigossipedagain posted a video on TikTok, shared by AllAboutTRH on Instagram, which seemed to explain another piece of the Aspen puzzle.

First, the fan pointed out what a Vanity Fair writer, Britt Hennemuth, said. He claimed on the B**ch Sesh podcast that a Caribou Club employee who was present on the night of the alleged meltdown shared some interesting details about what actually transpired.

The fan shared a clip of the interview, in which Britt says,”[I’m] in this little room with this person, and they tell me that Kathy was no more drunk than most people, and a lot of people of a certain age forget about the altitude in Aspen, have a couple of drinks and it hits them sideways.”

He went on to say, “And what they saw was… a combo of altitude, booze, and clearly some other medication. And then [the employee] pointed to the chair that Kathy sat in waiting for the shuttle to pick her up.”

“And they said that the rudest of all was Lisa Rinna, who refused to check her coat and screamed at people,” shared Britt.

After the clip concluded, @oopsigossipedagain revealed “some receipts” that could possibly “corroborate” the last part of Britt’s story.

The user spotlighted a photo of Lisa, which the star allegedly posted to her Instagram Stories on September 30.

“She’s showing off the coat that she wore to the Caribou Club,” explained the fan, who then read the text written under the post.

The message under the photo, allegedly written by Lisa, says, “Folklore tells us that only Mariah Carey has worn her coat into the Caribou Club until now — I loved this … coat and I didn’t want to take it off.”

After reading the text, the fan expressed, “[Lisa] says it in her own words. She corroborated that story that she refused to take her coat off.”

“And remember, prior to them even going into the Caribou Club, Kathy was concerned about her outfit attire, thinking she may get kicked out,” the user added. “I’m just so glad I took enough receipts of Lisa Rinna’s stories.”