Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo Unhappy With Ex Craig For Outing Her New Relationship, Shares Where They Stand, and Reveals If BF Will Appear on Show

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Southern Charm's Naomie Olindo Reacts to Ex Craig Outing Her New Relationship

Credit: Cindy Ord/Charles Sykes/Bravo

In a shocking twist on season eight of Southern Charm, Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith revealed their secret hookups. The revelation caused a stir with ex-boyfriend Craig Conover, who insisted he wasn’t mad at Naomie.

Unfortunately for Team Naowhitney, the pair recently indicated they were no longer together. Then, in another twist, Craig revealed that Naomie’s been dating another man for six months.

In an interview with Us Weekly at BravoCon, Naomie reacted to Craig outing her new relationship.

The 30-year-old, who recently returned to Bravo after moving back to Charleston, told the outlet that Craig’s declaration surprised her.

“I know, what the hell?” she said, addressing her ex’s actions. “I was about to text him, like, ‘Don’t do that.’”

Naomie said she “can’t” share more info about the new romance, but she expressed, “I am [happy].”

Regarding her past relationship with Whitney, Naomie explained, “There wasn’t a breakup, you know what I mean? It just fizzled out… I think it was just something that kind of happened, like, in passing, and we were like, ‘What?’ And then it just fizzled out naturally.”

The star added, “I mean, we’re still great friends. Our friendship has not been affected at all.”

As for her friendship with Craig, however, the dynamic is a bit different.

“If you ever saw us film again, it just wouldn’t be accurate,” said Craig in a previous interview with the outlet. “You know, we’re not in each other’s lives.”

Naomie offered agreement in her own interview: “We don’t see each other. The only reason, like, we still even have any communication is because of the show, you know? So yeah, I think that’s an accurate statement for sure.”

Speaking with PEOPLE, Naomie also indicated that her new man would not appear on Southern Charm. She hinted that her past relationships (which were extremely public) influenced her decision to keep the new man a mystery.

“I think you guys all know, I mean, the train wrecks that have been my previous relationships. I just don’t think it’s good to share with the world,” she explained. “Relationships are hard enough… so sharing it with all these people to have an opinion about it, I just don’t think — I’m just not willing to do that anymore.”

“I don’t think I ever will [have him appear on Southern Charm],” she said. “It’s not just him, it’s in general. I don’t think that I would ever share a relationship on camera again.”

She shared that her mystery man isn’t a celebrity. “He’s pretty normal,” said Naomie.

“We were set-up on a blind date nine years ago,” she revealed. “It didn’t work out then, but it was just one date, and now things are different, but I really can’t say anything about it. It’s just a part of my life that I’m gonna keep private now because I’ve kinda got my ass handed to me sharing things before.”

What’s it like keeping the relationship private? “It’s not as hard as you think,” said Naomie. “There’s so much, I think, about all of our lives that we don’t share. We share a lot. I really bared it all for the season, but there is a lot more to people that you see on Instagram.”