RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Shares New Details of Altercation With Jennifer Aydin at BravoCon, Claims Narrative Told Were “Lies” and Slams “Violent” Jennifer, Plus Talks “Teams”

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RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Addresses Altercation With Jennifer at Bravocon, Claims Narrative Told Were “Lies” and Shares What Really Happened, Plus Slams "Violent" Jennifer and Talks “Teams”

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

At the trainwreck known as BravoCon 2022, Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa and Joe Gorga fell into a screaming altercation with Jennifer Aydin, who is loyal to Joe’s estranged sister Teresa Giudice.

The dispute, which was captured in a viral video, showed Joe and Melissa yelling at their co-star before Jennifer threw her drink at a man near the elevator. In a now-deleted TikTok video, Jennifer’s assistant claimed the drink was thrown at Joe because Jennifer felt threatened by the couple, who initiated the altercation.

In an interview for the Chicks in the Office podcast, Joe clapped back at the assistant’s allegations.

He indicated that all of the assistant’s claims were “lies.” Joe first addressed the claim that Jennifer threw a drink at Joe as Joe was making “vulgar” insults. He suggested this didn’t happen as he was “50 feet away.”

The star alleged that Jennifer “drinks a lot,” is “violent,” and “throws things.” He admitted, however, that Melissa “did say something” to Jennifer as she was “walking by,” and he also “yelled” some stuff to her, like “‘shut up,'” because Jennifer was “out of her mind crazy.” The 43-year-old, however, suggested Jennifer’s reaction was worse.

“She threw the drink at Tom… [and was] yelling at the top of her lungs like a maniac,” said Joe. Speaking generally, Joe said, “She breaks glasses. She wants to stab you with it. She throws knives. I mean, this is who she is. She’s crazy.”

He also indicated that the non-“edited” version of Jennifer is worse, and she “condones violence.”

Joe then addressed the idea of RHONJ “teams.”

“[Jennifer]’s definitely on her team,” said the star, seemingly referring to Teresa. “They think it’s a team, and I don’t know who created teams, but there’s teams. And it’s sad… [because] that’s my sister.”

He then said Jennifer likes to “dig a lot” and get “involved in my family business.”

He claimed Jennifer “antagonizes” things, and she “grows” on their fighting because “it helps her storyline.”

According to the Italian, a truly “good friend” would tell Teresa to make peace with her brother, not “fuel the fire.”

“She’s lighting the match,” he said of his sister’s friend.