RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Reveals What Really Happened With Tamra Judge at BravoCon Hotel, Shades Podcast as Tamra Responds, Plus Explains Public Altercation Video

by Adam Ragsdale
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RHOSLC's Jen Shah Reveals What Really Happened With Tamra Judge at BravoCon Hotel, Explains Public Altercation Video and Why She Got “Involved”

Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo, ACE/INFphoto

At BravoCon 2022, Jen Shah walked unceremoniously into Tamra Judge‘s hotel room and began using her glam squad —  according to Tamra. Jen, who recently pleaded guilty to fraud, was reportedly not invited to the conference.

Jen has hinted publicly, however, that Tamra lied about several BravoCon stories, though Tamra denies it. Now, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star is opening the curtain behind what actually happened in that hotel room.

Before addressing Tamra’s claims, Jen threw some shade at her Two Ts In A Pod podcast with Teddi Mellencamp.

“Listen, Two P**sies In A Pod, let me set the record straight, or whatever they’re called,” Jen expressed on an episode of Up and Adam! on YouTube.

She denied even knowing it was Tamra’s room. According to Jen, after arriving at BravoCon, she texted Heather Gay and Heather’s business partner, asking where they were. She got a text back saying, “‘Come to room 610,'” so that’s where she went.

Once in the room, she found “Two Pu**ies In A Pod and everybody else that’s in there… I had no idea,” said the star.

She then suggested a reason for Tamra’s alleged lie. “I think that, you know, some people just need to latch onto somebody that’s trending, because they, they’re not and haven’t been in the last few years.”

On Tamra’s Instagram Story, shared by @LoveAndyC on Twitter, the star clapped back at Jen’s claims.

“Just trying to make you feel at home sweetie,” wrote Tamra, who seemed to draw attention to Jen’s looming sentence after her guilty plea. “I hear might be surrounded by a bunch of P’s soon.”

She included several cat emojis and a meme of someone waving bye.

Later in Jen’s interview, the Salt Lake City star addressed a recent TMZ video that showed her screaming at someone in public. When the footage was released, fans speculated she was yelling at family members as she had screamed the word “husband” multiple times.

In the interview, Jen claimed “someone in Salt Lake” sent in the video to TMZ, but whoever recorded it “didn’t capture the entire… incident.”

Two weeks before its release, TMZ contacted Jen’s agent (as well as other cast members), and the outlet was unaware of the fight’s context, alleged Jen.

She claimed “no one in my family was there,” contrary to speculation.

After a quiet dinner with a friend, Jen exited the restaurant and saw an intoxicated-looking group, who was “screaming and yelling” at a gay couple who appeared to be married, Jen alleged.

“So then I get involved,” she said, “because I’m trying to make sure this gay couple gets to their car safely as well.”

The TMZ video began about “three-quarters” of the way into the incident, said Jen, who heard “gay slurs,” which made her upset.

“Yeah, I was heated. Because it got out of hand,” Jen explained. “The gay couple felt threatened.”

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