Madison LeCroy Shares If Ex Austen Reached Out Amid Wedding, Plus Why She Has No Regrets for Not Inviting Southern Charm Costars

by Josh Ramsey
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Madison LeCroy Shares If Ex Austen Reached Out Amid Wedding, Plus Why She Has No Regrets for Not Inviting Southern Charm Costars

Southern Charm star, Madison LeCroy, has zero regrets about not inviting her castmates to her destination wedding to now-husband, Brett Randle.

Madison and Brett held their ceremony at the Chablé Maroma in Riviera Maya, Mexico on November 19 after legally exchanging vows in a Charleston, SC courthouse earlier three days prior.

The South Carolina native recently revealed that though she’s made nice with pretty much everyone she quarreled with last season on Southern Charm, she didn’t believe anyone other than, Patricia Altschul, (who is a long-time client of Madison’s) would actually have wanted to be in attendance.

“Other than Patricia, I don’t really think that anybody I was that close with at the time I was planning my wedding would really want to be there,” Madison told PEOPLE. “We just wanted it super-small and only attended by the people who are rooting for us.”

“We only had about 40 people there,” she stated. “Honestly, with both of our families, if we even invited our cousins, it would be a 300-person wedding. So, we really just kept it to our nearest and dearest.”

Madison continued by saying that she “no regrets” about not inviting her costars as she wanted to “focus” and “relax.”

“I have no regrets with that, that’s for sure. It honestly was just so nice and relaxing to be able to focus on the reality of it and not have to, you know, incorporate all that other stuff,” she said. “I mean, everyone knows that when you go to a wedding, people are gonna have things to say and what[not]. But I just felt as if everyone that was at the wedding just had such pure and good intentions that I didn’t feel — it didn’t matter to me,” she told Us Weekly.

One question many fans wanted answered was whether ex and Southern Charm costar, Austen Kroll, was one of those people “rooting” for her.

Madison confessed that Austen did not reach out on her big day, but that his well-wishes that she received at the Season 8 Southern Charm reunion were “enough.”

“His congrats that he gave me on the [Southern Charm season 8] reunion was enough for me,” the Great Lengths Hair Extensions brand ambassador told the outlet. “He said he wished us well [on the show] and … we’re gonna leave it just as that.”

Madison also said that she was met with an outpouring of support from fellow Bravolebrities.

“Everybody was so nice and even [the] other girls that were on different [Bravo] shows reached out and gave me, you know, congrats and [well] wishes and things like that,” Madison told the publication, “That was really nice. [If] we ever have another party that we throw on TV, I’ll invite them.”

Madison concluded that she’s happy and grateful to have found her “forever” person and filled with happiness that she can now call Brett her husband.

“I’ve definitely found that forever partner,” Madison gushed. “What’s so special about marriage is you become this unit. And for [my son] Hudson and I to be able to have somebody in our lives who just completes us is more than I could ever ask for.”