RHOSLC Recap: Jen Pours Drink on Angie K. After Being Denied Master Suite, Plus Angie K. Claims She Paid For Coach’s Birthday Party – Was She Conned by Jen Too?

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RHOSLC Recap: Jen Pours a Drink on Angie K. After Being Denied the Primary Bedroom; Plus Angie K. Claims She Paid the Whole Bill for Coach's Birthday Party- Was Angie K. Conned by Jen, too?

It’s time for one of those infamous girls’ trips on this episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. You know, the kind of trip where a bunch of ladies who may or may not get along live together under one roof and fight over who gets the primary bedroom. Sound familiar? It also sounds like a recipe for disaster…

There are only three months until Jen’s trial, and her depression has escalated as she goes through “a living hell.” We are given a montage of Jen’s darkest moments, and she is trying to take each day as it comes, as hard as it may be getting. Luckily, a girls’ trip to San Diego is just around the corner to help get her mind off the heavy things.

Angie H. and Danna gather around Heather for some good old-fashioned girl talk… or sh*t talking. Heather’s circle has CLEARLY changed, so much so that she is stuck having lunch with friends of… Danna explains that she is not on the best of terms with Jen. Danna reminds Heather and Angie that she called Jen a bully and admitted it during a FaceTime call with Meredith and Jen. She further states that Meredith invited her as a “guest of a guest” to try and figure out the situation during the girls’ trip… and that is how Angie realizes that she was just straight-up not invited. Ouch.

Meredith pays a visit to Jen in the world’s most inappropriate outfit to wear during a snowstorm. Jen shares that she is trying to stay calm during Ramadan, and she is going to be “Zen Jen” on this trip. Meredith is happy to hear that Jen is a calmer version of herself, especially because she wants to address the Danna conversation. Meredith calls it uncomfortable, and she is hoping that Jen is reasonable enough to understand why she invited Danna on this trip.

In the meantime, over their lunch, Danna explains how she finds it interesting that all the ladies put up with Jen’s aggressive, loud behavior. Heather states that she is “over” Jen. She is devastated by Jen’s set of friendship rules, but she likes to keep her feelings to herself. Heather is tired of the fakers and the BS, but she knows that her relationships with this group are on thin ice. She claims she is “barely hanging on with a white-knuckle, include me please grip” for this girls’ trip.

Meredith warms up to Jen by asking how she is doing now that the trial date is looming closer. Jen believes that this girls’ trip is exactly what she needs, and she names Meredith the CEO of fun. When Jen hears that Meredith wants to include Danna, she calmly tells Meredith that she trusts her and thinks maybe she can talk through the issues.

Whitney is busy packing for the awkward trip. She is still unsettled with Heather and knows that Heather is just going to act like nothing ever happened. She suspects she will come home from this trip with a migraine and she ain’t wrong… Talk about foreshadowing.

The ladies gather at the airport bright and early, and already Danna Banana is not saying hello. According to Jen, that’s pretty rude as the guest of a guest. Whitney is less than thrilled about another domestic trip (thanks, Jen!), but alas, off they go to San Diego.

On the way to Angie K.’s friend’s house, Meredith and Angie begin to spit out some rules. The rules are simple: Have fun. Have fun. Don’t be a b*tch unless you’re a fun b*tch. Danna shares that this is her first ever girls’ trip, and I am sure she will make it her last after getting scarred by these ladies and their antics.

The house is sick, and I have to say, thanks, Angie K., even though she is acting like she is hosting the trip. Jen is annoyed by Angie bossing the ladies around and giving them a tour to pick rooms… a housewives favorite extreme sport. Angie calls the primary as her own and doesn’t hesitate to tell the peasants to buzz off. Whitney believes that Jen should just get the primary since she may be staying in a jail cell soon. Ooph. Jen feels like the person who planned the trip should get the best room, but this is tough cuz it IS Angie’s friend’s house.

Tensions begin to build, and they completely explode when Jen spills her drink all over Angie’s head. The slow-motion shots are everything, and I am pretty sure that Jen is breaking her own “fun rules.” Apparently, Jen believes that pouring drinks on people is fun, and it is noted that Angie does not agree.

Jen finds it fascinating that Angie is angry about the drink spill, and so to try and lighten the situation, Jen pours her drink on her own head. Is everyone having fun yet? Angie cannot believe that “her best friend” could do this to her.

Later, Lisa talks to Angie, and she is now kicking herself for not calling Jen out on her bad behavior. Angie lets Lisa know that she paid for Coach’s entire birthday party… all $15,000 worth of it. And she has receipts to prove it. Jen paid her back for none of it. Seems like Angie got conned out of money by who other than Jen, the alleged queen conner herself.  Angie cries that she is hurt and that Jen needs to “grow the f*ck up.” It is getting harder to support Jen as she shows immature behavior. Angie states she is done. So things are off to a great start for sure.

As they prepare for the yacht trip, Heather touches base with Danna. Heather seems happy that the attention has focused on other drama and off of her. Heather then gives Danna a pep talk and reminds her that she is a guest of a guest, and she shouldn’t really take up issues with the hostess. Translation: Back off and pick your battles, especially when it comes to Jen.

Jen wonders why Angie didn’t come over to HER and apologize (huh?!), and as the ladies pack into an infamous Sprinter Van, Whitney is the first to break the ice. Jen blurts out that “people get mad” cuz she just speaks the truth. Jen then tells Angie that she needs to apologize to her and it’s not that big of a deal. Turns out that the only person who thought the drink spillage was funny was… Jen.

Angie reminds Jen that she organized this trip, and then Angie spills the beans. She makes it seem like she paid for everything for Coach’s birthday party. Let us not forget that Angie wanted to showcase her home for a housewarming party and VOLUNTEERED her house for the birthday. Jen is aghast and calls Angie a liar. But Angie has reached her limit. She tells Jen she is embarrassing and that she is a respected woman. When Jen says so is she, Angie scoffs.

Jen reminds Angie she gave her an expensive necklace as a thank you for hosting, but Angie doesn’t want “the Southern District of New York to come find me and take the necklace off of me.” Therefore, she won’t be accepting gifts from Jen Shah. Angie calls Jen a b*tch, and Jen is confused about what hosting a party really means. When she can get a word in, Meredith states, “We have to turn the perspective of the Sprinter Van rides.” LOL. And Heather believes that a yacht is “just a Sprinter Van on water,” so this group is really screwed.

Jen is perplexed at Angie’s “angle.” She scream-yells to Meredith that she doesn’t need anything from Angie and that Angie is fake. As she rambles on and on, Meredith realizes that her concern for Jen is growing by the minute. It is evident that Jen is hitting a breaking point. Jen believes that Angie is coming at her during her most vulnerable time, and I feel like Meredith really needs to step in as the CEO of fun and turn this trip around…