RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Leaks Text Messages From Angie Harrington After She Accuses Her of Lying About Invitation to Girls’ Trip

by Adam Ragsdale
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RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Leaks Texts From Angie Harrington After She Accuses Her of Lying About Invitation to Girls’ Trip

Whitney Rose is dropping receipts after Angie Harrington accused her of lying. It all started on Instagram when Angie was asked why she wasn’t invited to the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City San Diego trip.

Her answer was “Shahexposed” – a fake Instagram account her husband created. Jen Shah, who planned the cast trip, wasn’t pleased with the Finsta’s name, and therefore, she excluded Angie from the vacation.

“Whitney saying I asked everyone to invite me [on the trip] is a lie,” Angie added on her Instagram story, which was shared by Queens of Bravo.

She continued, “I didn’t care that much… I spent a lovely weekend at the masters.”

Unfortunately, this seemed to anger Whitney, who then turned the tables.

First, Whitney shared a screenshot of Angie’s post and wrote above it: “@angieharrington I am not a liar.”

She then leaked a text exchange with Angie, which allegedly occurred before the cast trip.

“Please don’t mention [to cast and production] me possibly not going on this trip,” Angie allegedly texted.

Whitney indicated she hasn’t spoken to “anyone,” and went “radio silent with [the] cast… Even you! But I just keep feeling like I need to reach out.”

Angie allegedly expressed her willingness to “split glam” with Whitney, who declined the offer.

Angie then purportedly asked, “Are you ok if I tell Heather you said no?” In particular, this question was circled in Whitney’s post.

“Yes,” Whitney answered. “I want peace with [Heather] … just let her know that.”

In her next response, the ‘friend of’ seemed hopeful to go on the trip: “I think you and Heather will reach peace in San Diego. Especially if I’m there.”

Image credit: @whitneywildrose/Instagram via Queens of Bravo

Later in the conversation, Whitney wrote, “I for sure am not comfortable bringing you” on the trip. She suggested Angie “reach out to Jen,” who was still angry about the Finsta account.

Image credit: @whitneywildrose/Instagram via Queens of Bravo

The next day, Angie seemed to indicate that Jen “won’t budge” even after “production” got involved. Jen wanted “a public apology,” Angie allegedly wrote, and she suggested this is “a standard [Jen] has never been held to.”

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