Southern Charm Star Was “Drunk” and “Falling Asleep” in Club According to Southern Hospitality Cast

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

The Southern Hospitality Cast Puts Southern Charm Stars on Blast for Drunk, "Awkward" Behavior at Leva Bonaparte's Republic Nightclub

The cast of Southern Hospitality is speaking out about the behavior some of the Southern Charm stars have exhibited at Leva Bonaparte‘s Republic Garden & Lounge.

During a recent interview, Joe Bradley, Grace Lilly, Mikel Simmons, and Mia Alaria were asked for their “juicy” stories about the Southern Charm cast, and they didn’t hold back when it came to recounting their interactions. However, they did so without naming names.

While chatting with Bravo on December 12, Joe looked back on a run-in he had with a very drunk Southern Charm cast member.

“She’s absolutely stunning. It’s like a known fact she’s beautiful,” he described, noting that the woman had come to the nightclub with friends before seemingly taking her drinking way too far.

“They’re having a great time. I go in to check on them and this Southern Charm cast member was pretty much asleep and falling down in the middle of the VIP section. She’s front and center, one eye open, falling asleep. She was that drunk,” he explained.

And after her friends requested he help her walk out, along with a bouncer, Joe decided to introduce himself as “she’s like, falling over.”

“And she looked at me, even though she was [intoxicated], she goes, ‘Can you just get me in my f-cking Uber, buddy?'” he shared.

Meanwhile, fellow VIP worker Grace also spoke about one “woman in particular” who appears to like her drinks.

“She tends to come to the club pretty frequently … and sometimes she’s stumbling and slurring her words,” she teased.

As for Mikel, he dished on an unnamed male who felt he should know who he is.

“A certain little frat boy came into the line, I had no idea who he was and goes, ‘Do you know me?’ I’m like, ‘No, I don’t.’ ‘You know I’m on that show.’ I’m like, ‘What show are you talking about?’ So it was kind of awkward.” Mikel admitted. “We kind of had a little stare-down for a bit.”

Also during the interview, VIP hostess Mia Alaria looked back on a night in which police were allegedly called on a Southern Charm cast member.

“One night we had a couple of them in here and there was a little bit of a rumor going around that one of them was throwing a really big after-party at their house … I didn’t end up going but I heard that way too many people showed up and the cops got called and they got a ticket,” she revealed.

Southern Hospitality season one airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.