Stephanie Hollman Reveals Humiliating Experience That Wasn’t Shown on RHOD, Her Favorite Seasons, Plus Update on Montana Home

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RHOD's Stephanie Hollman on Humiliating Experience That Wasn't Aired and Her Favorite Seasons, Plus Shares Update on Montana Home

Stephanie Hollman shared details of an unaired scene of The Real Housewives of Dallas while hosting an “Ask Me a Question” session for her fans and followers on her Instagram Story on Monday.

Weeks after the rumored announcement regarding a potentially upcoming sixth season at BravoCon never came, Stephanie responded to a number of curious fans on her social media account, one of whom wondered how production was able to keep bystanders from approaching her and the rest of the cast amid filming.

“How did production keep people from coming up to you during filming?” they asked on December 5.

And after revealing that “most people would naturally stay away because of the cameras,” Stephanie looked back on one of her cast trips, during which she and her castmates were harassed by a group of young men.

“When we went to our cast trip to [Kameron Westcott]’s [family’s] ski house we were actually yelled at by a bunch of drunk college guys who were on spring break,” she shared. “They were following us to dinner and calling us the most derogatory names to try to get on camera. It was so humiliating and just felt so gross.”

But Stephanie and the other women kept their composure.

“We couldn’t say anything though and continued to do our job,” she explained.

Stephanie Hollman on Humilating RHOD Moment That Did Not Air

Another fan on Instagram asked, “What was your favorite RHOD season to film?”

“I think the best seasons we ever filmed were seasons [two] and [three],” Stephanie replied, along with a photo of herself and Brandi Redmond.

Stephanie Hollman Reveals Favorite RHOD Seasons

Also, on her Instagram Story, Stephanie responded to a fan who asked for an update on her and Travis Hollman‘s new home in Montana, which she has been offering regular updates on for the past several months.

“They are working on finishing up the final floor now. Here is an aerial view they sent us the other day,” she shared, along with an overhead image of the mansion and a nearby lake.

RHOD Stephanie Hollman Offers Update on Montana Home

Stephanie appeared on all five seasons of The Real Housewives of Dallas, which premiered in April 2016 and came to an end in August 2021.