Melissa Gorga Addresses “Fake Storyline” Accusations on RHONJ and Shares What They Did “Wrong” as Husband Joe Gorga Shares Insight Into His Success

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Melissa Gorga Addresses “Fake Storyline” Accusations on RHONJ as Husband Joe Gorga Shares Insight into His Success


Melissa Gorga is addressing claims of “fake storylines” on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Plus, her husband Joe Gorga shares a reason for his business success.

Many fans have accused the parents of three — who have been accused of joining the show behind his sister Teresa Giudice’s back — of manipulating plotlines for the show and being less than genuine.

In her On Display podcast, the couple addressed accusations of false storylines. Melissa first alluded to Joe’s businesses. In several episodes, the 43-year-old showcased himself taking chances as an entrepreneur.

“We’ve gotten accused on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ a couple of times for this, like people actually not believing — like they think that you are doing things as ‘fake storylines’ as opposed to like no one really knows you. It’s like no, no, no. Don’t get it twisted, Joe is really opening every single one of these businesses. And the thing is sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss,” she explained, via Heavy.

Melissa continued, “What I will say what you have done wrong, maybe rushed it once or twice because we do it so the cameras can capture like the gist of it and it wasn’t the right scenario or it wasn’t the right situation. We’ve had bad business partners at like that restaurant but people think that was like just a made up thing.”

She insisted her husband “is an entrepreneur in every aspect of the word.”

Joe then shared some insight into his business success.“You have to throw enough things on the wall, not everything is going to stick. You might throw 10 things against the wall, nine of them fall but that one that sticks, there you go, you’re making money,” he said.

At BravoCon 2022, Melissa teased the upcoming season and emphasized her authenticity.

“It’s very real, it’s very raw, it’s sometimes hard to watch this season, but it’s our life right? So we need to show you what’s going on,” she expressed. “I think for me, personally, it’s a season that’s very real, very honest.”

According to reports, season 13 will showcase a rumor regarding Melissa’s alleged affair with actor Nick Barotta. The rumor purportedly led to the end of Melissa and Joe’s relationship with his sister.