RHOP: Juan Dixon’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out Amid Affair Scandal, Refutes Robyn’s Claim of Hotel Payment and Suggests the Dixons’ Relationship is for TV

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‘RHOP’ Juan Dixon’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Amid Affair Drama, Refutes Robyn’s Claim of Hotel Payment and Suggests the Dixons Relationship is for TV

Juan Dixon‘s alleged mistress is now speaking out after his wife Robyn Dixon’s recent claims.

On her podcast and Watch What Happens Live, the Real Housewives of Potomac star claimed Juan paid for another woman’s hotel room because she lost her wallet at a casino and Juan felt bad for her.

At the time, host Andy Cohen said Juan’s story sounded like BS, but Robyn insisted she believed her husband, and he was only communicating with her.

Speaking anonymously with Georgio Says, the alleged mistress shared insight into her purported romance with Juan.

The woman said she first reached out to Juan, who then responded to the DMs. She also denied Robyn’s claim that the woman came to Maryland because she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player.

“I have no idea where that story came from,” said the alleged mistress. “I had no reason to go to Maryland other than to see Juan.”

The woman claimed she and Juan had been talking for about “a year” before the Maryland trip, and COVID restrictions prevented the Canadian from crossing the border.

Unlike Robyn’s claims, the woman said “both” she and Juan wanted her to visit, and they were “waiting for the restrictions to be lifted. It was always a plan. It was always in the works.”

She alleged they communicated via messages, phone calls, and FaceTime.

Then, the woman addressed Robyn’s “outrageous” allegation that Juan paid for the hotel room because she lost her wallet.

“I don’t know what to say to that because it’s just outrageous,” she said. “It just doesn’t make sense.” The woman shared that she and Juan hung out during the trip, and Juan gave Robyn the story that was regurgitated to fans.

When asked if she knew Juan was in a relationship during the alleged affair, the woman expressed, “It was very clear that the relationship [with Robyn] was for TV, like it was for the fans. It was a paycheck, and that was just their obligation … He made it clear that he does have that respect for Robyn but it was not a real relationship … a real loving relationship. It was just more of co-parenting and you know, kind of best buddies.”

She was also asked about Robyn’s allegation that the woman sent Juan a Zelle request for money to keep the story quiet.

“I wish [Robyn] would have put more thought into her statement because I am in Canada. I am a Canadian citizen, and in 2023 we don’t have Zelle. We don’t accept Zelle. I can’t request Zelle. I don’t have access to that on my phone,” said the woman, who claimed it never happened. “Zelle just is not an option and everybody knows that.”

She then challenged Robyn’s alleged assertion that the other woman was hanging out with Juan’s friend.

“No, we did not hang out,” she said, seeming to allude to an accusation that the friend actually came to her door and exposed himself. “I had no pre-existing knowledge that [the friend] was coming to the hotel to do what he did.”

She said the incident made her feel “violated” and “naive,” but she expressed, “I thought talking with [Juan] for a whole year, I somewhat did get to know him and I just didn’t see that coming at the end at all.”

“I’m not here to hurt Robyn. I was never trying to hurt Robyn,” she went on. “So I’m not going to get into all those details, but he didn’t just get me a hotel room to get me a hotel room and say goodbye.”

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She added, “I think [Robyn and Juan] should somewhat just admit what happened and leave it at that … I would appreciate that. I’m not a fan of the fake stories and this narrative of things that didn’t happen.”

The three-part Real Housewives of Potomac season seven reunion begins on Sunday, February 19, at 8/7c on Bravo.