RHOP’s Robyn Dixon Confirms Husband Juan Dixon’s “Affair” With Woman, His Payment for Hotel, & Shares What Went Down, Admits It Delayed Wedding, and Shares Where They Stand

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RHOP’s Robyn Dixon Confirms Juan’s “Affair” With Mystery Woman, Shares What Went Down and Admits Scandal Delayed Wedding, and Talks Season 8

Credit: Shannon Finney/Bravo, Instagram

Robyn Dixon took to her and Gizelle Bryant‘s podcast on Monday to share what really went down between now-husband Juan Dixon and a woman claiming to be his mistress.

After Juan was accused of having an affair with the woman, the Real Housewives of Potomac cast member confirmed their interaction, explained why his credit card was used to pay for her hotel room, and admitted to having lingering issues, which resulted in their wedding being delayed, as a result of the scandal.

“I really hate that I’m talking about this cuz I don’t like to give negative situations attention but I said I would,” Robyn began on the January 30 episode of Reasonably Shady, titled “Rumor Has It…”

According to Robyn, Juan did communicate with the woman who recently put him on blast. However, the woman’s account of the situation, which began in late 2020, is not 100 percent accurate.

“The woman reached out to him through Instagram, told him she loved Robyn and Gizelle on the show and she loved us and he’s handsome … And so, like a dummy, which he should not have done but … a lot of men like attention, he entertained. He interacted with her,” Robyn revealed, denying Juan ever dated her.

“This was not his girlfriend. He did not date this woman. He communicated with her on Instagram and somehow it ended up being on text,” Robyn shared.

While the woman wasn’t initially able to travel to Maryland from Canada due to the country’s travel restrictions, she eventually ended up there, claiming to Juan that she was visiting a Baltimore Ravens player.

“She’s like, ‘I’m coming to Maryland.’ And he’s like, ‘Whatever.’ Because he’s not asking for her to come and you date some Baltimore Ravens player. He’s not asking her to come. He’s not entertaining. He did not pay for her flight. I actually saw, when she sent the hotel receipt and all that, she also sent her flight airline information and that credit card is not Juan’s credit card,” Robyn continued of their conversation.

But when it came to the woman’s hotel receipt, Robyn admitted Juan did pay for her room, insisting he did so only after she claimed her wallet was stolen at a casino.

“He said he felt bad for her and he went to the hotel, put his debit card down, and left. And she’s like, ‘Oh you’re leaving? You’re not going to spend time…?’ She tells him she wants to get her hair done, she wants to go to Western Union. She has all these places she’s asking him to take her. Meanwhile, he’s confused because he’s like, ‘Aren’t you here to see some Baltimore Ravens player?'” Robyn recalled.

Because Juan felt bad for the woman, he ultimately enlisted a friend to take her around.

“When I found out about this and Juan was explaining himself, I was like, ‘That sounds crazy, but okay. That happened.’ But people were saying, ‘Juan’s a sex trafficker because he sent his friend.’ No. He’s not dating the girl. She came on her own … So his friend helped out,” she explained. “From what I understand, they got it on. [But] what his friend, that has nothing to do with Juan.”

Looking back at her own interaction with the woman, Robyn said she reached out to her, via email, in November 2021.

“She emails me in November 2021, emails this hotel receipt, and my response was ‘hi’ because I always greet people. ‘Hi. Thank you for the information. Take care,'” she shared, denying ever asking the woman not to go public.

“I expect you to go public because people love to have a moment… especially when she started texting Juan, asking him for money,” Robyn noted. “She sent a $4,000 money request … She also would listen to Reasonably Shady and text him stuff that I said on the podcast.”

“She’s mad. She’s bitter that he didn’t want her,” Robyn added. “All of what she’s trying to imply did not happen. Yes. Did Juan make a mistake by communicating with this woman? Absolutely. Abso-f-cking-lutely. And did we handle it, did we talk about it, did we work through it? Abso-f-cking-lutely.”

Although Juan’s interaction with the woman was a “big bump” in his and Robyn’s relationship, the RHOP cast member confirmed the drama has been “handled” — after a bit of a delay on their nuptials.

“The wedding situation was kind of put on the back burner because we had some sh-t to work out,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Gizelle said she too received a DM from the woman.

“I’m like, ‘What the F? Juan!’ I kinda wanted to punch him in the face … because nobody needs this but I’m happy y’all worked things out,” she told Robyn.

“We worked it out,” Robyn replied. “He learned his lesson. He was just being way too nice. And like I said, he needs attention. He’s a needy man that needs attention.”

When Gizelle then asked if Robyn was giving Juan the attention he needs, Robyn hesitated.

“That’s a part of things that we’ve had to work on as a couple … He gets attention but I’m saying, ‘Okay well what else are you doing to get the attention that you crave?’ So those are like relationship issues that we have to work out,” Robyn confessed. “He needs attention and I love to be by myself. But this would be my issue with anybody.”

According to Robyn, she knew Juan’s interaction with the woman would be mentioned in the show’s seventh season.

“I just knew it was gonna come out and I wasn’t gonna dance around it at all,” she shared. “I was gonna say, ‘I’m aware of it. We’ve dealt with it. We’ve talked about it. It’s been an issue in our relationship and we worked through it and here we are.’ The criticism and the hate, that makes us stronger. That brings us together.”

As for whether the topic will be discussed on season eight, Robyn added. “If we want to go into season eight talking about it, we’ll talk about it. I don’t care. I’m not running from it. If they ask me to talk to him about it on camera… He might ask me to kick rocks — or tell them. But I’ll talk about it.”

“This situation is not gonna break our family up,” she added.

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