RHOD’s Tiffany Moon Accuses Marysol Patton of Having Fake Kelly Bag After RHOM Star Claims She’s Behind “The Fake Birkin Slayer” IG Account

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Tiffany Moon Claps Back after Marysol Patton Accuses Her of Being “The Fake Birkin Slayer,” Shares Photo of Marysol's Allegedly Fake Bag

Credit: Instagram, Peacock

The Real Housewives of DallasDr. Tiffany Moon clapped back at The Real Housewives of Miami’s Marysol Patton, who accused Tiffany of being the “Fake Birkin Slayer” after denying accusations against herself.

The Fake Birkin Slayer is a whistleblower account on Instagram that exposes people who’ve allegedly attempted to re-sell fake Birkin bags, per Insider. The account was reportedly created by a certain group who “have all been defrauded buying bags that were represented to be real.”

On Instagram, in a series of posts shared by @queensofbravoplus, Marysol responded to a fan accusing her of being the Fake Birkin Slayer.

After denying the allegation, the RHOM star accused Tiffany of running the account.

The Dallas alum soon clapped back, writing on Instagram that Marysol should “maybe” have “less cockies” and more “source checking.” She also posted a photo of Marysol with an allegedly fake bag.

Tiffany also posted a video on TikTok, further denying the accusation.

“I’m not, I swear to God,” she insisted. “But whoever The Fake Birkin Slayer is, I commend you, sir or madam. You are out there doing God’s work.”

“You know what Marysol, maybe you’ve had one too many cockies, because yours truly over here is not The Fake Birkin Slayer. I don’t have fake s**t in my closet, unlike that little pink bag you were holding. So maybe you need to go back and check your sources.”


#stitch with @midlifecrisisgirl I am NOT #TheFakeBirkinSlayer please check your sources. #HermesTea #BirkinQueen #RHOM #MarysolAndHerFakeKelly

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