Karen Huger Slams Robyn Dixon for Defaming Her and Deflecting From Juan Drama, Says She Has “Questions” to “Answer” on RHOP Season 8, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Karen Huger Says Robyn Has “Questions” to “Answer” on RHOP Season 8 and Slams Her for Deflecting Attention from Juan Drama, Plus Suggests Cheating Rumor is “Calculated Plan” to Defame Her

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Karen Huger says Robyn Dixon has “questions” to answer in the next season of the Real Housewives of Potomac, calling her the “master of deflection.”

Robyn recently admitted on her “Reasonably Shady” podcast that her husband Juan Dixon, communicated with another woman during Covid, despite denying Karen’s allegations on the show.

Many fans and castmates were taken aback by Robyn, who claimed she knew of the allegations before the season ever started. The star is now being accused of hiding her true life from the camera while exposing others’ secrets.

On her It’s Karen Huger YouTube channel, Karen teased that season eight will be “all about what’s at Robyn’s doorstep.”

“And there will be no deflection,” Karen continued. “There will be questions, and she’ll have to answer.”

She expressed her hope that Robyn will “handle her s**t” and “stop deflecting.” According to Karen, Robyn’s season-seven “storyline” was being “the master of deflection.”

Karen claimed Robyn “came after me” and their costars, Dr. Wendy Osefo (regarding the “altercation with Mia [Thornton]“) and Candiace Dillard Bassett (with her “boom box on the table, trying to humiliate her”).

She suggested Robyn’s actions were “insane.”

“There is no way that she started taping season seven and did not know the allegations, the legal allegations, facing her now husband, was at her front door,” said Karen.

“But you got to give her credit because we didn’t talk about that all season,” she went on. “This girl threw everything at us, and again, it was frightening watching her coming so alive.”

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Later on, addressing Robyn’s cheating allegations against Karen herself, the 59-year-old said Robyn must have been in a “bad place,” given that she “recruit[ed] her desperate friend and Gizelle [Bryant] to push this false narrative about me … all complete lies, and just be so vicious about it.”

“A woman who knows her truth doesn’t panic,” added Karen, who believes the allegations were part of a “calculated” plan to “defame my character.”

She stated, “The hole that you dig for me, you’re gonna fall in yourself. So we see that happening now.”

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