Paris Hilton Explains Why She Didn’t Tell Mom Kathy Hilton About Son Until He Was 1 Week Old, & “Waiting” for Baby Girl After 20 Frozen Boy Embryos

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Paris Hilton on Why She Didn't Tell Mom Kathy and Sister Nicky About Son Until He Was a Week Old, "Waiting" for Baby Girl and Hints at Name

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Paris Hilton and husband Carter Reum didn’t tell her mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton, or her sister, Nicky Hilton-Rothschild, that they had welcomed their first child together until their son, Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, who they welcomed via surrogate in January, was a week old. But why?

During the latest episode of her podcast, Paris explained why she and Carter chose to keep their baby boy’s arrival to themselves.

“We’re just so excited to start our family and can’t wait for you to see him. But for now, you’ve just been keeping everything really private,” she said on the February 26 episode of This is Paris, via Hollywood Life. “No one knew, literally, until he was, like, over a week old. So it was really nice just to have that with Carter, (have) our own journey together.”

According to Paris, who wed Carter in November 2021 after about two years of dating, she and Carter made a pact to keep their baby news secret even from family.

“I just feel that my life has been so public, and I’ve never really had anything just be mine,” Paris continued. “I feel like just my life in so many ways has been invaded. I just really felt that I wanted to have this journey with us only. It was hard to keep that in because we were so excited and wanted to tell our families, but you’re just nervous because if you tell one person then you know they tell someone and then all of a sudden it’s like in TMZ or Page Six.“

And while keeping such a big secret may not have been the easiest feat for Paris and Carter, Kathy’s reaction was worth the wait.

“When I introduced my mom to our baby boy, it was amazing to see the look on her face,” Paris gushed. “She was so surprised. Just the look on her face was just priceless.”

After welcoming their son weeks ago, Paris said she’s “waiting” for a potential daughter as she continues the embryo-freezing process.

“Carter and I had already been talking about the future, and then the world was shut down, so I was like, ‘What do you think about us making embryos?’” Paris told Glamour UK, via Page Six. “He said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’”

After beginning to freeze embryos amid the coronavirus pandemic, Paris successfully collected 20 embryos. However, all 20 were male.

“And we’ve done it seven times,” Paris added. “I have all boys. I have 20 boys … I just went through the process again a month ago, so I’m waiting for the results to see if there’s any girls.”

While Paris is hoping to one day welcome a baby girl, who she hinted will be named London, she’s loving life as a boy mom for now.

“I’m so obsessed with my little angel and when he looks into my eyes, I just melt,” she shared. “He’s such a good baby.”