Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Addresses Loverboy Drama With Carl and Accuses Him of Drug Use, Discusses If He Believes Costar is “Unhireable,” and Lindsay’s Involvement in Drama as Mya Weighs in

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‘Summer House’ Kyle Cooke Addresses Loverboy Drama With Carl, If He Believes His Costar is “Unhire-able,” and Lindsay’s Involvement in Drama as Mya Weighs in

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Kyle Cooke hinted he’s “seen s**t” regarding his working relationship with castmate Carl Radke.

Though Carl left his friend’s company in November of last year, the current season of Summer House takes place before the departure, and it shows tension building between the once-close friends.

At the end of the latest episode, Kyle spoke negatively about Carl behind his back, saying he was “unhireable” when he joined the Loverboy team. He also accused Carl of using cocaine before work one day, causing him to forget his computer. Throughout the first few episodes, Kyle seemed to imply Carl’s unhappiness with work was influenced by fiancée Lindsay Hubbard.

In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, shared by @Bravobygays on Instagram, Kyle stormed away from the table after being challenged by Danielle Olivera — who was offended by his comments about Carl.

As Kyle’s wife Amanda Batula attempted to calm him, Kyle revealed he’s “seen s**t” with Carl, which “Lindsay hasn’t seen.”

He suggested Carl is “perfect” now that he’s “sober,” but he doesn’t remember the bad stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the group’s table, Danielle called Kyle out for bringing up Carl’s “addiction issue” from over “a year ago.”

After the previous episode aired, Kyle addressed his ‘unhireable’ claims in an interview for Watch What Happens Live.

“I’m reacting to the fact that Carl kind of made our business everybody’s business the first weekend [of Summer House],” explained Kyle, via “I’m like, ‘Yo, there’s so much history, there’s so many layers here… You have to understand what we’ve gone through to get where we’re at.’”

When asked if Carl also believes he was “unhireable” as he joined Loverboy, Kyle answered “probably,” but he admitted he “never asked him.”

Kyle then addressed Lindsay’s potential influence on Carl regarding his questions about staying at Loverboy. “I think Carl felt a little inadequate and insecure, and Lindsay’s questions amplified it,” said the founder. “And then he really started to question things.”

The 40-year-old was asked to pick between Lindsay and Carl for who “changed the most for the worst” since the first season of Summer House. Carl chose Lindsay.

Castmate Mya Allen, a fellow guest on WWHL, did not agree with Carl and Kyle’s previous claim that their friendship has improved since his departure from the company.

According to Mya, the friendship may never recover.

“I think that’s dead and gone,” said the 31-year-old.

Summer House airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.