RHOM Finale Recap: Marysol and Alexia Refuse Adriana’s Apology, Lisa Defends Herself Against Marina, Plus Nicole and Dad Confront Their Issues

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RHOM Finale Recap: Marysol and Alexia Refuse Adriana’s Apology, Lisa Defends Herself Against Mariana, Plus Nicole and Dad Confront Their Issues

This week is the finale for the Real Housewives of Miami with an episode titled “Melting Pot Meltdown.” Will Guerdy be able to “Guerdify” this group and do a friendship makeover between Adriana and Alexia? Grab a skewer, and let’s dip into the drama, shall we?

Lisa is defending her trip to NYC to Marina by saying it was for cosmetic veneers dental work. She cannot understand why Lenny would spin that differently to his mom. Marina acts like all Lenny was doing on social media was sending d*ck pics innocent messages. Lisa has been monitoring Lenny’s phone for some time, and he has been flirtatious with the side-piece and other women. Marina told Lenny that Lisa is so depressed. Lisa feels alone since Marina is like a mom to her. She moved to Miami to be with Lenny, and her life has been turned upside down.

Larsa meets up with Guerdy, who looks pretty in this scene. She says they had a great time at the caviar party. Guerdy feels that Adriana is having a breakdown and cannot find her footing. She is confident her party will help this group. Larsa claims that Alexia and Marysol are not ready to see Adriana, and I think she is enjoying that there is a divide in the group.

Adriana is meeting up with a local favorite, Emilio Estefan. He was formerly in the Miami Sound Machine and has been working as a music producer since then. Fun fact: Emilio has been married to Gloria Estefan for the last 45 years, and they live on Star Island along with the Hochsteins. Is Adriana channeling Minnie Pearl from Hee-Haw (I know, I am dating myself with this comparison) in her ITM? All she needs to add is the price tag hanging off of her hat! Emilio wrote a demo for Adriana, and the lyrics seem to be fitting for her.

Lisa, who is playing with her adorable kids, has Marysol and Alexia over. They go into her wine suite, and they get the pick of the “chiller” with no concern over Lenny’s special collection. Lisa mentions he usually comes over at 5:30 p.m., but he will not be coming over since they are there. She shares that Adriana’s video release party was awesome. Lisa wants to help Adriana remedy this situation. Alexia thinks Adriana has gone too far and is not interested in fixing their relationship.

Julia and Martina are going to a restaurant, and they are having an evening with no dogs and parrots. She shares that she will be modeling for a famous designer. Martina and Julia seem to have found their groove again. She thinks that Julia looks very kissable with her makeup. Martina is so excited to partake that she contemplates leaving now for some sexy time. Martina acknowledges that you will do anything for love when the issue of adoption comes up. It is very sad to know that Martina is now dealing with some serious health issues ????.

Nicole has her dad Mike over to sit down with therapist friend Lisa. Mike claims he behaved at the engagement party, and he admits he can be a handful. Nicole surmises that he has never had to be accountable because he is the man of the house. Mike does things his way just like Frank Sinatra. Lisa concludes that Mike has never been held accountable for his actions. He has not apologized for not being there and hurting her. Mike is unapologetically himself until he shares a tragic story. Nicole was hit by a car while under his care. Mike gets emotional since he clearly feels bad and thought stepping away was better for his family. Nicole can now let go of her anger since she thought he was abandoning her. She feels like she missed so much because of her resentment. Nicole decides that they need to spend more time together and make up for lost time.

Alexia is cooking some delicious Cuban food for Frankie, and this scene is making me hungry. Frankie has been getting more independent and is learning how to care for himself. Alexia is reluctant to let go since Cuban moms have the propensity to be helicopter moms. That is some truth there since they love to coddle their boys especially!

Pedro — Alexia’s former Cuban Cowboy — and Peter meet up for a barbecue. He asks Peter to help with Alexia’s salon. Pedro wants to help take some stress off Alexia’s back. Peter talks about his girlfriend, who he was accused of domestic violence against. They have stayed together despite Alexia’s concerns. Pedro commiserates with his son since he had to deal with Alexia’s mom who did not want him to date her. Peter wants to move to Puerto Rico so he can live his life on the edge without Alexia’s interference.

We are now at Guerdy’s party, and she has created a beautiful party at the Miami Melting Pot restaurant. Guerdy hopes she is not going to regret this. Julia is wearing a mint green dress, which is beautiful on her. Marysol and Alexia are in the car headed there and they are apprehensive about going. She prefers to focus on the availability of cocktails instead of food.

Adriana arrives, and production loves to zoom to her feet, showing she is wearing heels. It seems like the color scheme for the party is the colors of sherbert, which is so Miami! Guerdy even has their drinks ready to go with a cocktail dispenser for each lady with their favorite drinks.  Larsa starts blowing smoke up Adriana’s a*s like she did for years for Kim K., and she is eating up the validation. Nicole thinks she made the comment out of desperation for attention, which she wanted when she was squeakily wheeled into the hotel room.

Adriana greets both Marysol and Alexia. Marysol wishes Adriana did not approach her when she does not have a buzz from a cocktail. Alexia is not willing to give Adriana attention since she has kids who legit need the attention.

The ladies notice that Julia has lost weight, and she attributes it to eating quail eggs. In her ITM, Kiki hilariously thinks that Julia said she eats the “quail’s legs” instead of eggs. Alexia tells Adriana she loves her song, but she still hates her. Kiki is distracted by the smoke and lights coming out of the floor and checks between her legs to see if it is coming from her vagina! #makekikifulltimeHW

Guerdy opens the floor to let Adriana know that she will not (but Larsa and Marysol will) kick her when she is down, and she wants her to be vulnerable. Adriana lets Alexia know she is sorry and that what she said was very wrong. She lets her know she loves her children and has enjoyed their long friendship, and she did not mean to hurt her. Adriana tells Alexia, “I love everything that you represent. As a mother, your strength and resilience always inspired me.” Alexia tells her that “I struggle with Frankie’s accident every single day.” She then tells her, “I want to believe you, but actions speak louder than words.”

Adriana should have let her know that she was going through a rough patch, and she would have been there for her. She lets them know that she is going through a dark period. Adriana lets Marysol know that she is sorry she mentioned her ex, but she was just trying to let her know that she had her back. She is lying her inflated a*s off right now!

Julia is trying to stay out of it, but she does not like how her BFF Adriana is their punching bag. Lisa then interjects and tells them that she has appreciated them all and trusts them. She wants them to know Adriana has a good heart and is genuinely sorry. Lisa knows her situation has been exhausting for all of them to listen to. She is so grateful for all of them and believes everything happens for a reason. Alexia is not ready to make peace — she wants to see actions. Marysol does not want anything from Adriana, and she is clearly not willing to be her friend. Guerdy decides to take a group photo, and we get our ending notes:

Adriana’s friendship with Alexia and Marysol is still off-key, but her music career is a bit brighter after recording a song with Emilio.

Marysol making a cocktail line with a famous Miami-born celebrity???

Guerdy took a family vacation to New York and actually was present without any phone interruptions.

Julia and Martina spent the summer rekindling their relationship by backpacking through Europe. Sadly, in January 2023, Martina announced she was diagnosed with stage one throat and breast cancer.

Alexia and Todd finally had their fairy tale honeymoon in Greece, which Peter ended up crashing. Peter is newly single, which is good news for the former girlfriend.

Larsa is finally owning up to dating Marcus Jordan and made their relationship Instagram official.

Nicole and Anthony got the perfect offer for $44 million dollars from Jeff Bezos’s mother — but they still have to pay for Prime membership.

Lisa’s relationship with Lenny grows more complex as divorce proceedings continue. She did agree to co-host Lenny’s annual Halloween party. Lisa is reading something on her phone and tells the producer she saw an article claiming she was romancing two men at the Halloween bash. She calls Lenny and tells him to stop trying to embarrass her. Lisa felt the party was forced on her, and he had to ship his girlfriend off because she got a restraining order against Lisa. She tells Lenny that he behaved like a pig at this party, and that is probably the last time we will hear Lenny’s voice on RHOM

This season of RHOM was the best one yet, and I am so glad Peacock picked it up last year. We have the reunion coming up next week which, should be pretty spicy. I hope everyone has a terrific Thursday, and I will see you all for the LAST Reunion episode for Potomac!