RHOC’s Heather Dubrow Addresses Backlash Over Son Ace’s Transition and Slams Critics Accusing Her of Using Him to Stay Relevant, Plus She Thanks Bethenny Frankel for Support

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RHOC’s Heather Dubrow Addresses Backlash Over Son Ace and Slams Critics Accusing Her of Using Transition to Stay Relevant, Plus She Thanks Bethenny Frankel for Support

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow is facing backlash from fans and critics who are accusing the reality personality of using her son Ace’s recent coming out as trans to remain “relevant.”

Late last week, Heather took to Instagram to share Ace’s announcement, posting, “Our job as parents is to give our kids a safe and supportive environment so they can grow up as healthy, happy, confident, independent humans. Since Ace is a 12-year-old child, with a long life ahead of him – we will let him tell his own story someday if he chooses to do so. All we can say is Ace, we love you so much, and we are proud to be your parents.”

Speaking on her Let’s Talk podcast, Heather is fighting back against the trolls and “the hate” she says she’s received for seemingly trying to control Ace’s narrative for him.

Heather claims that there will always be “hate” and “people who don’t understand,” but as a mother, it’s her job to act on behalf of Ace since he “is only 12 years old.”

“There were two main comments that I just want to address,” she began. “As a mom, you just want to protect your kids … and pray that nothing hurts them physically or emotionally. But the truth of our lives is that we have been in the public eye for many years.” She added that she felt the need to make a statement and “say something” before “someone else did.”

“It’s really just all about protecting my kids. We are not trying to leverage our child for content, and I’m just going to leave that there,” Heather asserted.

Heather continued by saying that being a mother to her children is the “hardest job on the planet,” and she maintains that she will always fiercely advocate for her kids.

“I take my kids and your kids to my heart every day,” she told her listeners, audibly choking up. “I know I was given these four kids for a reason. Not only will I protect them and fight for their safety, their rights, and their freedom, but I promise I’m going to help protect yours too.”

Many Bravo stars and friends have applauded and supported Ace’s coming out and the way Heather and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, have handled the news. Specifically, former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel, who has known the Dubrows for years, has been very vocal in her support.

Bethenny has publicly defended Ace and his famous family from online hate on social media amid his news, taking to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute post to Ace and a video of her daughter, Bryn, and Ace dancing together.

The Just B founder has also come for online trolls, who questioned Ace’s extremely personal decision to share his journey after comments began coming in speculating that Ace wasn’t old enough to know his own identity.

“It’s not you so you don’t know,” Bethenny clapped back at one user who called Ace’s coming “premature” and “too young.”

Bethenny’s support has not gone unnoticed by Heather.

“I said thank you to a number of people at the beginning of the show, but I neglected to mention Bethenny, who really came out publicly for our family in the most beautiful way,” Heather stated. “I thank her so much for that.”

The famous Bravo family has been fierce advocates for the LGBTQ+ community for years. Their eldest daughter, Max, came out as bisexual in 2021, and in 2022, the couple’s daughter Kat revealed she identified as lesbian.

The Dubrows have said in the past they will forever try and create a “safe, comfortable, and happy” environment for their children.