Summer House: Mya Allen Addresses “Weird Texts” Drama With Carl, Shares Where They Stand and Claims Lindsay Is Giving Her “Heat” Over WWHL Comment

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Mya Allen Hints at "Weird Texts" from Carl Radke, Claims Lindsay Hubbard Is Giving Her “Heat” over WWHL Interview

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Mya Allen hinted at “weird texts” from Carl Radke, and she claimed his fiancée Lindsay Hubbard is giving her “heat” over Mya’s recent interview on Watch What Happens Live.

Their drama began when Mya texted Carl to smoke weed before Lindsay accused her of having a crush on him. Later on, Carl called the text ‘weird.’ During the current season of Summer House, Mya approached Carl to discuss the tension, but their conversation awkwardly went nowhere.

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Mya suggested her friendship with Carl ended after that uncomfortable talk.

“What you see me saying in the confessional is what happened,” shared Mya. “That is the reality of the situation. I don’t have a relationship with Carl anymore, and that’s OK. But no, he’s no longer a buddy.”

Mya felt it was weird that Carl called her text message ‘weird.’ “I mean, if that’s the case, then I have a lot of weird texts from Carl too,” she added.

The star shared, though, that she and Carl weren’t exactly besties even when they were in a good place. “I wouldn’t say that we were the best of friends. We weren’t hanging out weekly, but we did keep in contact and check-up,” Mya shared. “Like I wished him happy one-year sobriety, things like that, you know? So I think that we did have a relationship. But he’s in a relationship now, and that’s his focus.”

In spite of the weirdness with Carl, Mya claimed she and Lindsay were able to co-exist. “Actually, we do get along pretty well this summer,” said Mya. “I do try to be fair and to hear her side of things and their side of things, which ends up being pretty much the height of almost every single conflict that we have this summer.”

“So I do reach out and try to extend an olive branch in that way,” she continued. “But I think we’re different people and we look at friendship differently. We look at relationships differently. And that’s kind of coming to light now. So I don’t know where we are.”

The 31-year-old also addressed Kyle Cooke’s controversial claims about Carl’s addiction issues.

“I think that everyone’s calling this as if it’s a very big situation because we’re talking about cocaine,” said Mya. “And let’s just be honest. Last season, Carl spoke about his cocaine habit. So Kyle didn’t blow the whistle and let everyone know Carl’s substance of choice. That wasn’t what it was. And I think a lot of people are reading into that.”

She added, “Would I necessarily share that information? Probably not … But Kyle was not talking to the group. He wasn’t talking to the table. He was talking to me. And so I hope that he’s comfortable speaking to me and he was able to really give me the root of what he was feeling. So I think that’s all it was. I don’t think it’s that deep.”

“Sobriety is a huge buzzword,” the star continued. “I’ve been accused of going after Carl’s sobriety after the weed situation, which is like literally the furthest thing from the truth. So, yeah, when you have big buzzwords and you want to use them against people, sure. But that’s not what it is. Kyle spoke from his experience. It is polarizing and I get that. Like I understand the reaction, but I don’t think it was as malicious as people are making it out to be.”

Speaking with Page Six, Mya said Lindsay wasn’t pleased about her recent comments on WWHL.

“I have been speaking to Lindsay as of late,” said Mya. “She’s not happy with things that I said on ‘Watch What Happens.’ I spoke honestly. I spoke from my heart, from my gut, from my truth, and that’s really all I can give.”

Mya didn’t understand what triggered Lindsay’s response.

“I have a lot of people that have watched it back, and I’ve said, like, ‘Where’s the problem?’ But ask Lindsay,” Mya explained.

In the same episode of WWHL, Kyle also shared his true thoughts about Carl and Lindsay.

“I thought that for sure it would be on [Kyle], not me, and so the fact that I’m getting a lot of heat from her right now, I’m like, ‘But I didn’t even really say anything all that crazy!’” said Mya.

In her interview for WWHL, Mya addressed the tense friendship with Lindsay, which was a central storyline in the first episodes of the new season.

When a fan asked Mya if she regretted using the word “b***h” in a conversation with Lindsay, she answered no. Mya also indicated that Lindsay was the rudest cast member to fans.

“I didn’t even really say anything all that crazy!” Mya told Page Six.

In the same episode, Mya was asked which co-star will experience “the most people coming for him or her” at the reunion.

“I think that there’s a clear divide in the house, and I think it’s gonna look a lot like last year’s reunion,” she expressed, “so I would say that Lindsay is going to say that we’re ganging up on her.”

Regarding Mya’s comments on WWHL, Lindsay previously told the outlet she messaged Mya “asking where her obvious outward hatred towards me was coming from.”

“I thought we were in a good place,” Lindsay added. “I spoke very highly of her during my appearance on the show the week before, so I was pretty surprised by her extremely negative comments, especially since I said she was a good friend to me at times during the summer.”

With the same outlet, Mya revealed she now thinks of Lindsay as an acquaintance.

“I think that Lindsay and I have a good summer,” she said, hinting at future episodes. “I think that you’ll see with conflicts we end up having in the house, but I do try to stick up for her. … But also, you know, Lindsay and I disagree on things, so I think that we have — I don’t know if I’d call us friends, but I think that we are acquaintances.”

Summer House season seven airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.