Jacqueline Laurita Shares What Was Cut From Infamous Table Flip & Talks Rekindling Friendship With Teresa Giudice, Plus RHONJ Live Viewing Thread

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Jacqueline Laurita Talks Rekindling Friendship with Teresa, Shares What Was Cut from Infamous Table Flip and RHONJ Live Viewing Thread

Jacqueline Laurita admitted she “wasted so many years” feuding with former castmate Teresa Giudice, and she revealed why the “toxicity is gone.” She also shared what was “cut out” from Teresa’s infamous table flip scene.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars recently reconnected after what seemed an eternity of vitriol. Before their reconciliation, Jacqueline publicly shared that Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga – who is now feuding with Teresa – manipulated Jacqueline into viewing Teresa differently.

In an interview for Teresa’s Namaste B$tches podcast, Jacqueline addressed her past feud with the OG star, and she revealed why the “toxicity is gone.”

“I hated that I wasted so many years feuding with Teresa,” said Jacqueline, who seemed to suggest certain “people” are no longer involved.

“I think now with the show behind us … we can maintain our real friendship,” she continued. “The show causes a lot of problems because you have producers in your ear kind of playing one against the other. They make you think, like, you’re their best friend so they can gather information from you, share it with the other producers … and they all kind of work together to, like, cause problems.”

Jacqueline said it’s easy to get “sucked into that whole world,” and it’s difficult to “maintain friendships.”

Addressing Teresa’s infamous table flip with Danielle Staub in an early season, Jacqueline – who was also in the scene – shared what was “cut out.”

“It took me a second to register [what was happening],” Jacqueline first recalled. “Nobody knew what [Teresa] was saying … She said, ‘And you come into my shore house!’ … because [Danielle] came into her shore house, had sex with her boyfriend in the bed, didn’t wash the sheets, so [Teresa] was saying, ‘You don’t even wash the sheets and my daughters are there!'”

According to Jacqueline, the full extent of Teresa’s words were edited out.

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