VIDEO: Watch Summer House Midseason Trailer! Paige Cries Over Thought of Moving to Charleston With Craig, Danielle and Lindsay’s Friendship Implodes, and Carl Proposes to Lindsay

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VIDEO: Watch the Summer House Midseason Trailer! Craig Conover Returns as Paige Breaks Down in Tears, Danielle and Lindsay’s Friendship Implodes, As Carl Proposes to Lindsay

Things are heating up in the Summer House as Bravo just released the midseason trailer for season seven. In the newly released clip, the cast’s romantic relationships take a front-row seat and wreak havoc among the group of friends.

The trailer starts out with the cast living it up and enjoying their summer partying the days away, but things take an emotional turn pretty quickly.

Southern Charm star Craig Conover makes a grand return to the show as he visits his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo. He presses Paige to move to Charleston, South Carolina, to ease their long-distance relationship, leading Paige to break down in tears.

“I will be changing my whole life,” Paige tells Craig as she contemplates the idea of leaving her life in New York City. “I have no friends in Charleston. My whole career is [in NYC.]”

Elsewhere in the preview, the highly teased engagement of divisive couple Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke is shown, with Carl proposing to Lindsay on the beach.

“Babe, I’ll marry you a thousand times,” Lindsay says as she accepts Carl’s proposal.

As fans are well aware, Lindsay’s engagement has since imploded her friendship with former best friend and co-star Danielle Olivera.

“For everything I’ve done for that f—king friendship, they are so beyond crazy,” Danielle can be seen angrily confiding in co-star Kyle Cooke.

As he tries to calm Danielle down and suggests she try and “salvage” what relationship she has left with Lindsay, Danielle claims, “There’s nothing left [to salvage.]”

“Why are we even friends, Danielle?” Lindsay asks her friend. Danielle then screams, “I would die for you!”

Lindsay also has an explosive moment where she is seen in bed with Carl and screams at him, “You were a f–ing piece of s—.”

As it’s revealed that the couple seemingly left the house after the blowup, Carl says, “I don’t know how we recover from this.”

If the wedding drama wasn’t enough to send Lindsay and Carl into a spiral, footage of a medical emergency involving Carl is shown as it’s revealed he had to spend a night in the hospital.

Watch the full trailer below to preview what’s to come.

Season seven of Summer House is currently airing Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.