Summer House’s Carl Radke Shares Wedding Update as Lindsay Talks Sandoval and Raquel Suspicions and Carl Dishes on Captain Lee Friendship and Honeymoon Plans

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Summer House' Carl Radke Gives Wedding Update as Lindsay Shares Sandoval/Raquel Suspicions and Carl Talks Captain Lee Friendship, Plus Yacht Honeymoon

Carl Radke appeared on Monday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, which served as a celebration for Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Rosbach, where the Summer House cast member offered an update on his upcoming wedding to Lindsay Hubbard.

Before the couple opened up about Tom Sandoval‘s shocking affair with Raquel Leviss and Carl explained his close relationship with Lee, Carl confirmed that he and his fiancee have secured a venue for their big day — and that they’re considering having Lee play a role.

“I’m happy to report, Lindsay’s here somewhere, but we are locked into with a venue, it’s gonna be Mexico and we’re still working out some of the logistics but we are gonna have a conversation with Captain Lee [about officiating],” Carl announced on the March 27 episode of WWHL.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Carl and Lindsay, who was seated in the audience alongside Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Claudia Jordan, addressed the latest scandal to rock Vanderpump Rules, the affair between Sandoval and Raquel, which took place behind the back of Sandoval’s girlfriend (and Raquel’s close friend) for months.

“We were with Tom and Ariana at the MTV Awards and that was in June, so like, right around when things [began],” Carl revealed.

Then, after confirming she recently spent time with Pump Rules‘ Katie Maloney to get “the tea,” Lindsay said she noticed a red flag between Sandoval and Raquel months ago.

“I had texted her right after Halloween and I was like ‘Why did Tom dress up as Raquel for Halloween?’ Like it was almost this weird.. I was like, ‘Why did he do that?’” she recalled. “Actually I was on her podcast and I said it and she was like ‘I don’t know actually.’ But now that you start putting the pieces together, you’re just like, it was in front of our eyes this entire time.”

“[And] Raquel showed up at the last day of BravoCon in that [TomTom sweatshirt] that she gave you,” Lindsay added.

Back on the live broadcast, Carl opened up about the deep-rooted friendship he’s established with Lee.

“Well, I mean, listen. We’re part of a kinda unique family of losing people we love to addiction and going through a very difficult time, very publicly,” he began, citing the loss of his brother and Lee’s son.

“Captain Lee reached out to me, which was just unbelievable at that time. I’d heard about what he’d been through and yeah, it’s very difficult what we’ve had to experience. But I think in the Bravo family, obviously everybody cares for each other but him especially to reach out to me at such a tough moment was just unbelievable for me,” he continued.

And while Lee has given Carl tons of advice throughout their years-long friendship, Carl said his “best advice” of all is his wise words about “boundaries,” standards, and “being a man.”

“I’ve had a lot of growing up to do, you guys have watched it all on TV, but he inspires me to be a better man and better human being,” Carl noted. “I just love how he is as a man.”

Also on the WWHL: After Show, Carl and Lindsay were asked if they’d have their honeymoon on a yacht.

“We were just talking about that,” Carl admitted.

“Literally, I just said that to him. I was like maybe we should go… but only if Captain Lee is our captain,” Lindsay added.

And after considering the idea, Lee replied, “I’m in.”

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