Teresa Giudice Reveals Drama with Kelly Dodd After Kelly’s Mom Was Caught “Talking S**t,” Plus Kelly Slams Heather Dubrow as a “Man Baby”

by Adam Ragsdale
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Teresa Giudice Reveals Drama with Kelly Dodd After Kelly’s Mom Was Caught “Talking S**t," Plus Kelly Slams Heather Dubrow as a “Man Baby”

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice shared recent drama with Kelly Dodd in St. Barts, after Kelly’s mom was allegedly caught “talking s**t” about Teresa’s hubby Luis Ruelas.

Teresa also confronted Kelly over a feud with Teresa’s co-host Melissa Pfeister – who indicated that Kelly should control “her mouth.”

Around the same time, Kelly took a swing at former Real Housewives of Orange County costar Heather Dubrow, claiming she looks like a “man baby” and has an “Adams apple.” Heather recently opened up about some of her kids coming out as LGBTQIA+.

On her “Namaste B$tches” podcast, Teresa revealed that she saw Kelly in St. Barts.

At one point in the meeting, her husband Luis “got up” – and Teresa believed he was trying to “get away from Kelly” because her mother was “talking s**t” about him.

Teresa believed Luis was “annoyed,” though he got up to allow Kelly and Teresa to speak. In the ensuing conversation, Teresa confronted Kelly about the trash-talking.

She told Kelly that Luis was “annoyed” her mother was “saying stuff about him.”

According to Teresa, Kelly responded, “‘That’s my mom … I really can’t control what my mom does … I’ve never said anything bad about him.'”

Teresa added, “But my thing is like my mom would never say anything bad. My mom wouldn’t [do that], and if I told my mom like, ‘wow, you don’t even know this person. What are you saying?’ … but [Kelly] can’t control what her mom says.”

Teresa’s co-host Melissa chimed in, addressing her previous feud: “You know what [Kelly] can control? Her mouth. Cause remember when she went completely in on me? … She f**king — and Rick [Leventhal, her husband] — did a whole freaking episode on their YouTube or whatever their podcast is, calling me a loser, going in.”

Melissa suggested Kelly and Rick had an attitude of “off with [my] head,” because Melissa previously stated that Kelly and Brandi Glanville weren’t getting along.

Teresa claimed she “said something about” the feud to Kelly in St. Barts. “I said to her … ‘Do you have a problem with Melissa Pfeister?’ And she’s like, ‘Well, she’s the one that started with me. She said that I didn’t get along with Brandi’ and she’s like, ‘Me and Brandi are totally fine. We’re totally cool.'”

Meanwhile, Kelly slammed a different star with whom she’s feuding – Heather, from RHOC.

“I REALIZED WHY [Heather’s] KIDS ARE CONFUSED?” wrote Kelly on her Instagram stories, shared by @wrexweed on Twitter. “BECAUSE [HEATHER] IS A MAN BABY!! LOOK AT THE ADAMS APPLE.”

In the post, Kelly included a close-up of her former castmember’s head.

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