REPORT: Teresa Giudice Confronted Joe and Melissa Over Jacqueline Allegations, and Cried as She Walked Off RHONJ Reunion Stage, Plus Where They Stand

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REPORT: Teresa Giudice Confronts Joe and Melissa Over Jacqueline Allegations, Tells Brother He Broke Her Heart and Cries as She Walked Off RHONJ Reunion Stage, Plus Where They Stand

The taping of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion just concluded, and the details are now spilling out. Multiple insiders are sharing that Teresa Giudice confronted Melissa and Joe Gorga over some shocking allegations from Jacqueline Laurita, who was once a friend of the couple.

In related news, enemies Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs managed to “make amends” at the taping, and Jennifer is also in a good place with Melissa.

According to a source speaking to, the recently filmed reunion had plenty of drama.

“The reunion was chaotic. There was a point that Jacqueline Laurita gets brought [up] and Teresa Giudice reveals that Jacqueline told her that Joe Gorga would speak to Joe Giudice’s ex partner and he is part of the reason that Joe Giudice went to jail. Jacqueline had confirmed to Teresa when they reunited that Joe Gorga spoke to Joe Giudice’s business partner who was suing Teresa and Joe Giudice at the time,” said the source. “Andy had asked Teresa if she believed what Jacqueline was saying. Teresa told Andy that she did because her brother hated Joe and that maybe he didn’t mean to hurt Teresa but he hated Joe and that’s why he did it.”

Joe denied the claims, but Teresa shared that, according to Jacqueline, Joe and Melissa would discuss Teresa’s legal woes when Teresa wasn’t around. Joe reportedly claimed he always loved his former brother-in-law Joe Giudice.

The insiders shared that Teresa looked at Joe and repeated in Italian, ‘You broke my heart.’ She eventually walked off the stage while crying, but Joe didn’t follow her (although he seemed bothered).

The sources indicated that ‘friends’ Jen Fessler and Jackie Goldschneider were not super involved during the reunion.

“Jen Fessler barely spoke. She kept quiet and stayed out of it. Jackie spoke about her eating disorder. But they barely said anything,” claimed the insider.

Although newbie Rachel Fuda got into it with Jennifer Aydin regarding their noses, the stars apparently left the reunion on better terms. Jennifer, Melissa, and Margaret were reportedly cordial as well.

The insiders claimed host Andy Cohen could barely even speak or ask questions.

“Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice wouldn’t stop going at each other. Even when the segment was about another housewife – it always came back to Melissa and Teresa,” said the insider. “Tensions were so high because Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice have not spoken or seen each other since the beginning of August. Andy didn’t even ask any questions about the fight that broke out with Jennifer Aydin and Melissa & Joe Gorga at Bravo Con.”

Regarding newbie Danielle Cabral, the sources shared, “The Staten Island came out of Danielle and she was going hard screaming to get her point across.”

Where do Teresa and Melissa now stand after the reunion?

“They are 100% done,” said the insider. “Teresa has never went in on Melissa Gorga like she did at this reunion and it was because when they had problems – Teresa’s parents were alive and she wanted to keep the peace and not escalate it when things were already bad. With Teresa’s parents gone – she is tired of the lies and narrative being controlled by Melissa Gorga at her expense. Teresa told Andy that she is 100% done with Melissa and Joe Gorga but wishes them well.”

Meanwhile, a source speaking to Page Six shared that Jennifer and Margaret managed to “make amends” in the taping.

According to the insider, Jennifer “made a big effort” and the co-stars “came to a resolve.” Jennifer was also reportedly pleasant with Melissa.

Despite reports that Teresa was out of control, the outlet was previously told Andy “[wasn’t] any more frustrated with her than with the situation as a whole.” Teresa was allegedly triggered by a discussion about “family dynamics.”

“This was the first time Teresa, Melissa and Joe [Gorga] were gonna see each other in person,” said the source, pointing out the “long history” of their “deep-rooted family issues.”

The source suggested Teresa was “hurt,” but Melissa and Joe weren’t matching the “same energy.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.