Jackie Goldschneider Teases Melissa and Teresa’s RHONJ Finale Fight, Hints at Danielle’s Involvement and Reacts to Jennifer Aydin Unfollowing Her

by Adam Ragsdale
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Jackie Goldschneider Teases Melissa and Teresa’s Finale Fight, Hints at Danielle’s Involvement and Reacts to Jennifer Aydin Unfollowing Her

Credit: MICHAEL SIMON/startraksphoto.com/Cover Images

Jackie Goldschneider teased the finale fight between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, hinted at Danielle Cabral‘s involvement, and reacted to Jennifer Aydin unfollowing her.

According to various reports, the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale exploded in drama over Teresa’s alleged involvement in the discussion of a cheating rumor about Melissa.

In an interview for HollywoodLife’s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, Jackie addressed the anticipated fight.

“I’m trying to think if it was the most chaotic event I’ve ever been to. I think it definitely was,” said Jackie. “I was watching it all unfold, saying, ‘Is this real? Is this really happening?’ … Because not only are you watching a reality show, but you’re watching two families completely destruct in front of your eyes. And you’re watching other people getting in there.”

The star also suggested that Danielle played a role in the family fight after Jennifer Aydin told her about the cheating rumor during the Ireland cast trip.

“Danielle knew what she was doing. It was just a shame. It’s just a shame that people…you know it’s hard. You’re on a show, and you have to be entertaining, and you have to say things that you might not say in real life. But at the same time, you have to also go home and be able to live with yourself,” she expressed. “So yeah, Danielle does do something that nobody’s okay with.”

Jackie does not believe Melissa and Teresa will get to a good place. “It’s so toxic,” she said. “Even when they do makeup, another fight is bubbling there. It’s just waiting. It’s the same crap over and over and over. They’re never gonna be okay because they never dealt with the initial problems … And the initial problem is that Teresa hates Melissa for coming on the show. Melissa resents Teresa for the things she’s done over the years.”

She then told the outlet that her relationship with Jennifer hasn’t improved since filming, and she shared that Jennifer unfollowed her “a few months ago” on Instagram.

“That’s like a flex on social media. So maybe we’re not friends,” said Jackie. “But I’m good without Jen. We’re fine. I’ll survive.”

Jackie explained that she attempted a friendship when Jennifer’s marriage problems were exposed by Margaret Josephs. According to Jackie, however, Jennifer didn’t reciprocate.

“After that, where I really tried to have a genuine conversation with her and show her some empathy for her situation, she .. .no. She clumped me with Melissa and Margaret and really just wasn’t warm to me this season,” said the mother-of-four.

The star found it “tasteless” how Jennifer informed Danielle of the cheating rumor, which was allegedly discussed by Margaret, according to her former friend Laura Lee Jensen.

“Anyone who gives Laura any credibility is wacko,” said Jackie. “Laura has such an agenda to hurt Margaret and get herself on the show. She will say and do anything. Does anyone actually believe that this woman went and said, ‘I have something about Melissa, but I can’t tell you?’ I mean, come on. Please. She went there knowing she was gonna spill everything.”

Jackie has a “visceral reaction” to the allegations as she herself encountered cheating rumors concerning her husband Evan in season 11.

“You put that into the universe, and no matter how uncredible it is, there are still so many people who are still gonna believe it because they want to believe it,” Jackie expressed. “And it’s so hurtful to your children and to your spouse and to your parents and to everybody. You hurt so many people when you do that. It’s not what reality TV is for. It’s not entertainment. And I felt very, very badly for Melissa. I felt bad for Joe. I think it’s embarrassing. I think it’s awful. I think it’s disgusting.”

Jackie described the difference in filming as a ‘friend’ instead of a full-time ‘Housewife.’ “[The castmates] kind of left me alone a little more, whereas they were maybe out to get me in past seasons,” she explained. “I think they knew I wasn’t the one to come for this season.”

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