RHONJ Recap: Teresa Warns Luis About Cameras After He Refuses to Invite Joe & Melissa to Event During Call, Plus Gorgas Agree They’re Done With Teresa After Wedding

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RHONJ Recap: Teresa Warns Luis Cameras Are on After He Mentions Not Inviting Joe & Melissa to Event During Phone CallThe Real Housewives of New Jersey will serve a piping hot mic moment this week. There is a surprise bridal shower for Tre and another call-in from Joe Giudice. Let’s watch this slow-moving train move toward the grand finale — Teresa marrying her snake charmer at her clown show of a wedding!

Danielle has her mom Angel over, and they chat about her trip. She shows Angel the classy gift she got Teresa — a cock ring. She picked a perfect gift for someone marrying a big d*ckhead. Danielle describes her relationship with her mom and how close they are. She tells her mom that she had a rough time in Ireland. Danielle was holding onto a thread since she was dealing with the mean girls. She says that Margaret was coming at her, and she had a tough time holding it in.

Danielle compares herself to Muhammad Ali, and it is blasphemy to think that her bobbing and weaving can be compared to the greatest one. She then tells her mom this explosive Melissa secret ON CAMERA, and her mom thinks that Melissa should be told. Side note: Caroline has not spoken to her step-niece Danielle since she helped to get her cast on RHONJ. Danielle is under Teresa’s spell, and she is officially a Tre-in-training — TIT for short.

Rachel and John are going to meet the adoption lawyer about adopting Jaiden. She lets them know that even though Jaiden’s mom is not a big part of his life, she needs to be notified of this action. Rachel is rightfully concerned that his mom might contest this adoption. She needs to consider that putting this story on TV will not facilitate the adoption either. Side note: Why is Rachel just doing this now when he is already 16 years old? I must admit that, even if his mom is not equipped to be a good parent, this is way too sensitive to show on TV.

Jennifer is helping with Teresa’s bridal shower since Tre’s girls asked for help. She is taking her bridesmaid duties seriously. Jennifer asks Bill how it went when she was out of town. Bill reminds Jennifer that he has a lot of responsibilities at work. He tells her that he must put five kids through college. Bill has no interest in going for more therapy. He thinks since Jennifer is unhappy, she should continue going. Side note: If Olivia is so troubled by Bill’s affair, why are they talking about it in front of her? IMO, Jennifer is using Olivia to make Bill feel guilty, but it seems to be ineffective since Bill looks even more checked out.

Teresa is having her “dawters” dress fitting, and you know these dresses are comped since they showed the store signage. Joe Giudice, who looks better than ever, calls and admires how beautiful his kids look. Teresa tells Joe that she will keep praying that he can come back to the U.S.  He praises her for everything she did for their girls. Side note: I cannot get over how much older Audriana looks in this scene. Gabriella, who is my favorite among the girls, looks stunning in her dress.

Margaret and Marge Sr. have Lexi and her mom Ingrid come to lunch. Lexi is appreciative that she has Marge to stay with while she is going through her divorce. Marge Sr. cannot believe how nasty Teresa is to Melissa and Joe. She clearly was filming to show her allegiance to the Gorgas. The battle lines are drawn!

Melissa and Joe are so proud of Antonia, who has straight A’s. Antonia seems very sweet as she cries when she sees her new car, which is a Porsche SUV. She is a good kid, and it is refreshing to see her drive off happily with her grandma Donna.

Melissa tells Joe how Teresa gave Antonia a low blow by talking about her missing the birthday party for Milania. Joe does not want Melissa to continue to make such an effort with his sister anymore. Melissa wants to get off the Tre-train since she has been going off the rails for years.

Dolores and Frank meet up for lunch to discuss their relationship and how it has changed. Frank looks ridiculous in his biker outfit. He thinks that they should still do things as a family of four. Dolores wants to include Paul, but Frank clearly does not want Paul’s big d*ck energy zapping his mojo. Franks thinks that Paul is intimidated by him. He is so arrogant and has no self-awareness. I see no reason why Paul should be jealous of the disbarred lawyer.

Frank sees Dolores as a replacement for his mom, who has passed, which contributes to the theory he has an Oedipus complex with Dolores. He now agrees that they will make it a family affair to celebrate Frankie who got a new job. Side note: Would someone fill in the blanks on why Frankie no longer works with Louie the lech?

We have arrived at the venue for Teresa’s bridal shower. Gia told Teresa that the girls are getting together for lunch so they think she will be surprised. This appears to be an all-cast event and includes all of Louie’s family. Jennifer is proud to call herself the chosen family. She is clearly thrilled that she has ingratiated herself into Teresa’s life. Danielle is willing now to put her big girl panties on and stop arguing with Rachel. She should have made her storyline about how she used her step-aunt Caroline to get on the show.

While Tre is driving to the venue with Milania and Gabriella, Louie calls, and he talks about inviting everyone but Joe and Melissa to a pre-wedding dinner. Teresa tells him that the cameras are rolling, breaking the fourth wall, hoping it would not air. Louie is again showing his true colors of divisiveness. Milania, upon hearing that Teresa is now adding them to the list, clearly shows her disgust.

The surprise bridal shower is an all-cast event. Tre is a terrible actress since she is wearing all white for the supposed lunch with just her girls. Melissa thinks she has been replaced by Louie’s sisters. She looks like a fish out of water and is attending a stranger’s shower. Danielle wants to talk to Melissa to spill the cheating tea, but she recognizes this is not the time to do it. Teresa gushes over Louie’s mom since she reminds her of her mom. Side note: Why is Ashley Darby attending the shower? Has she been asked to be in the wedding party too? #crossoverbridesmaid

Teresa then starts thanking Louie’s family and her best friend, who had been there for her. Jennifer then does some Turkish tradition with henna for the single ladies. She has the ladies dance around the bride for good luck. Teresa, who is so entranced by the serpent named Louie, is eating up all of the attention she claims to not want. I feel like she is literally living out her last days of financial independence before walking the plank as she falls into Louie’s snake pit…

Next week, Louie tells Teresa that Joe is a snake, and he does not want to play in their snake pit. He also makes it clear that he has been staying away from the group on purpose — not from having after COVID sickness. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and please let me know at [email protected] if you are interested in co-hosting on the RB podcast.