RHONJ: John Fuda is Accused of Banning Son Jaiden From Seeing Little Brother as Boy’s Dad Suggests Rachel’s “Throwing” Birth Mom Brittany “Under The Bus” on Show, Details Revealed

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John Fuda is Accused of Banning Son Jaiden From Seeing Little Brother by His Father Who Suggests Rachel Is “Throwing” Birth Mom Brittany “Under The Bus” on RHONJ, Details Revealed

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The father of John Fuda’s son’s brother says the Real Housewives of New Jersey husband has “banned” the teenager from seeing his sibling. Recently, the brothers’ biological mother, Brittany Malsch, also suggested John banned Jaiden from having a relationship with her.

Many viewers of RHONJ were shocked to see how easily John’s wife Rachel Fuda discussed Brittany’s struggles on the show, and they believe she was airing the family’s dirty laundry to have a storyline.

Speaking with The U.S. Sun, the father of Jaiden’s little brother claimed John “banned” the teenager from seeing his sibling.

The brother, Evan, has not been mentioned on the show in any capacity.

Anthony Cuevas, Evan’s dad, said the siblings have no relationship. Anthony has full custody of the younger brother since his mother is now incarcerated.

“My son went to therapy and pretty much at one session drew a picture of his brother,” said Anthony. “So he knows that he has a half-brother. I felt really bad because I was like, ‘How do I address this? You know, why can’t he see his brother?’

He went on to say, “Obviously, it’s in his small mind. He doesn’t talk a lot about his brother, but he acknowledges that he has a brother, and he tells people, ‘I have a brother.'”

The father also seemed bothered by John and Rachel’s portrayal of the birth mom on RHONJ. “I mean, there’s two sides to the story. It’s easy to throw his mother under the bus because she’s incarcerated and such forth, but there’s innocent parties involved,” he explained. “It’s not right.”

According to Anthony, he last spoke to John about nine years earlier in court about Anthony and Brittany’s custody of Evan.

“I’ve met John once and it wasn’t the best conversation. It was uncomfortable,” he said. “He just said that he doesn’t consider them being brothers and that he’ll never consider them being brothers … We had some words, and he said he’ll never acknowledge them being brothers – ‘So you can take that off the table.’

“I said, ‘So be it. When they get older, they’ll decide what the faith is, if they acknowledge each other or not, but that’s not up to us,'” Anthony recalled.

Anthony claimed that, at the time, John was trying to help Brittany: “He just said that we need to be there for Brittany since she is the mother of our children … John said that he was helping her out and getting her a place to live and getting her job. And this is while I was in court fighting for custody of Evan.”

Anthony addressed the good times the two siblings would have while playing as children, and he said Evan remembers this. “Until Evan was about four, they played, and they hung out in the park with their great-grandmother,” said the father, who talked to Evan about times when he and Jaiden played football with each other.

He now wants the brothers to “reconnect” amid their mutual interest in the sport.

“When I found out that Jaiden played the same position, you know, that hit home,” he shared. “I said, ‘Wow, his little brother plays the same position.’ … I’m sure my son would’ve liked to have told his brother that… and I just thought that that’s common ground, and it would’ve been nice if they had a relationship.”

He continued, “Evan’s a great kid, and he does well in school … He went to Nationals last year and won ACYAA/AAU State Championship.”

Anthony, who’s seen clips of the show’s current season, expressed sympathy for the birth mother, regarding what’s been said about her on RHONJ. “I just felt bad for Brittany because she may not be the ideal mom, but I don’t think that they should have aired that,” he explained. “I mean, if they’re going to put it out in the open, then so be it. But I, I feel bad because of the innocent parties, such as my son.”

He said he has “no interest” in speaking to Rachel or John now that the couple is in the public eye, but he hopes the siblings can reconnect and that the relationship between Evan and his mom can get better.

Anthony claimed Evan does not see his mother as she’s currently in a New Jersey halfway house. “Because her incarceration, I don’t feel comfortable with them talking. I told her we’ll wait until he’s done with school and such forth, and then maybe I’ll revisit the situation,” he said. “She’s a nice person… [but] she’s in the position she’s at where she doesn’t have a relationship with her children and you know, it’s sad.”

The second part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion airs on Tuesday, June 6, at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.