Rachel Fuda Addresses Son’s Adoption Criticism, Asking Teresa About Her Kids & Melissa’s Kids, Teases RHONJ Reunion “Temper Tantrums,” Shades Jennifer, and Slams Teresa’s “Intentional” Disses Against Melissa

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Rachel Fuda Teases RHONJ Reunion "Temper Tantrums," Shades Jennifer as Teresa's "Fan Girl," and Slams Teresa's "Intentional" Disses Against Melissa

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Rachel Fuda appeared on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where the Real Housewives of New Jersey star opened up about the drama of the season 13 reunion.

Before shading Jennifer Aydin as a “fan girl,” revealing the best and worst looks of the reunion, and accusing Teresa Giudice of intentionally leaving Melissa Gorga out of her family-based speeches, Rachel shared if she waited until the show started to begin the process of adopting husband John Fuda‘s son, 16-year-old Jaiden.

“When John and I got married, he thought he was adopted. So this is something that we’ve been talking about for years,” Rachel explained on the May 2 episode of WWHL. “[But] we consulted with a family attorney and they said, ‘Don’t bother. It’s gonna be too tough, it’s gonna be too much money. You’re never gonna get it in New Jersey.’ So it’s been a topic of conversation for years.”

After sharing that the “most surprising part” of RHONJ is “how real it is,” Rachel was asked if seeing Danielle Cabral crying about feeling ganged up on makes her feel bad for her castmate.

“No. No. Too much crying here,” Rachel replied.

She was also asked if she viewed Danielle differently after learning she knew about the Melissa cheating rumor but kept it to herself.

“No not really. She’s kind of a scaredy cat,” Rachel noted.

Still, when asked if the ladies were too hard on her in Ireland, Rachel admitted, “[Margaret Josephs] was a little rough with the dig she made about the brother, but she’s not wrong.”

One of the most popular questions for Rachel on the WWHL episode was about her asking Teresa if her and Melissa’s kids were close when she and Melissa are friends.

“It really hasn’t come up before, and I don’t really know a lot about Antonia’s life because Gino and Jaiden are friends,” she explained.

After an audience poll asked if Teresa would have told Luis Ruelas they have to invite the Gorgas to their pre-wedding dinner if cameras weren’t around, Rachel said, “No way,” and 93% of viewers agreed.

She then said that when it comes to Teresa and her family speeches, she doesn’t believe Teresa doesn’t realize what she’s doing.

“It feels intentional, especially on tonight’s episode because we see her make this speech, and literally two minutes before she’s on the phone with Luis and he’s leaving them out of a dinner … I’m gonna say yeah, it’s intentional,” she declared.

Moving on to Jennifer, Rachel responded to a question about whether her castmate was a “true friend” to Teresa or a “fan girl.”

“She’s a fan girl. She’s just so far up there,” Rachel noted.

And when asked who were the worst and best dressed at the recently-taped reunion special, Rachel again targeted Jennifer.

“Worst? Jennifer Aydin. [Best was] Margaret,” she stated.

Also on Tuesday night’s WWHL, Rachel discussed the drama of the reunion with host Andy Cohen.

“I mean, holy temper tantrums. Are they all like that?” Rachel wondered.

“That was especially brutal I would say, that one was,” Andy replied.

Looking back, Rachel described the filming of the reunion as “long” with “a lot of cursing, high hatred, intensity, [and] yelling.” Meanwhile, Andy agreed it was “long” and “very intense.”

“We didn’t wrap until after 9 o’clock. It was a rough one. A lot of yelling, lot of cursing, lot of hatred … It was a real rough one,” he added.

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