RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin on Melissa Saying She’s “Obsessed” With Teresa, If She Regrets Spreading Cheating Rumor and Talks Reunion, Plus Meeting Joe Giudice

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RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin on Melissa Saying She's "Obsessed" With Teresa, If She Regrets Spreading Cheating Rumor and Talks Reunion, Plus Meeting Joe Giudice

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Jennifer Aydin spoke about the upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion while appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While also reacting to Melissa Gorga‘s claims that she’s “obsessed” with Teresa Giudice, responding to allegations of potential hypocrisy for spreading a false cheating rumor about Melissa, and dishing on her meeting with Joe Giudice in the Bahamas, Jennifer was asked if Bill Aydin‘s addition to Teresa and Luis RuelasAugust 2022 wedding made sense.

“I thought it was an honor. I thought, you know what, these people think we’re very important in their lives,” Jennifer reasoned on the April 25 episode of WWHL. “We’ve facilitated a real friendship. I feel like we’re gonna be in each other’s future, and they asked me to be in it. I feel like it was respectful towards me. I get to walk down with my husband.”

Jennifer was also asked about her comment to Bill on Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ, which suggested he lost himself when he walked down the aisle.

“Yes, you lost that right the moment you said, ‘I do,'” she confirmed.

And Bill, who was in the WWHL audience, agreed, saying, “It’s called 51%.”

Looking back on the time she spent with Teresa’s ex-husband in the Bahamas, Jennifer said he was “everything” she imagined he would be “and more.”

“He was such a gentleman. He invited us over for dinner. Nonna made us food and all the girls just welcomed us and it was amazing,” Jennifer revealed. “They came to our hotel and we really had the best time hanging out with them and Teresa was so happy. She was so happy that we were with the girls, that we were with Joe, and it’s such a great, blended family now. It’s so nice.”

Jennifer then played a game in which she was asked whether she and her co-stars should apologize for certain behavior.

After saying that Luis shouldn’t have to apologize for wearing Nonno’s pajamas because it “was endearing” and that Teresa shouldn’t have to apologize for saying she has no family in front of sister-in-law Melissa because she didn’t “[realize] she was doing it,” Jennifer said Teresa should and “did” apologize for stating that Antonia skipped Milania’s sweet 16 party.

Continuing on, Jennifer said that when it came to feeding information to the coffee reader, she didn’t give her everything she came forward with.

“I didn’t feed her all that information. She also said, that was cut out, that [Margaret Josephs] had a big heart and you know I didn’t [tell her that],” Jennifer noted.

Regarding potential hypocrisy pertaining to the Melissa rumor, which was shared just one season after Margaret exposed Bill’s past affair, Jennifer said she came forward with the false report because she wanted to make Margaret “look bad.”

“I repeated something I heard in order to make Margaret look bad. I’m so sorry. I’m never gonna do it again. And I said that,” she stated.

When Jennifer was then asked about the comment Melissa made on her own past appearance on WWHL, during which she said she was “happy” that Jennifer got to be a bridesmaid because she’s “completely and utterly obsessed” with Teresa, Jennifer said, “I don’t really care what Melissa says.”

Jennifer also addressed the claim on the WWHL: After Show, where she responded to a fan who wanted to know if she announced that she and Dolores were going to be bridesmaids in Teresa’s wedding to Melissa and the cast only to get under Melissa’s skin.

“No, absolutely not. I can’t believe took it that way, [but] when I watched it I see exactly what you mean, but I was just really excited,” she shared, proceeding to shade Melissa for declining Teresa’s last-minute invite to appear in her big day.

“I think if [Melissa] had said yes, think about the butterfly effect that it would’ve had on the whole season, like, put your ego aside and someone’s gotta take the olive branch one of these days so … and she said ‘no’ and Dolores and I said ‘yes’ and we were honored and we didn’t care that it was late,” Jennifer revealed. “Better late than never.”

Also on the live broadcast, Jennifer was asked about the recently-taped reunion.

“I thought it was a total [sh-t] show. I was like mentally and emotionally exhausted and it wasn’t even me most of the time.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.