Kyle Richards Discusses “Great” New RHOBH Season Without Lisa Rinna and Shares Where She Stands with Camille Grammer and Sister Kathy Hilton After Recent Reunions

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Kyle Richards Talks “Great” Season without Lisa Rinna, Shares Where She Stands with Camille Grammer and Sister Kathy Hilton after Recent Reunions

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Kyle Richards addressed the “great” season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without Lisa Rinna, and she gave an update on her relationships with former friend Camille Grammer and sister Kathy Hilton after their recent reunions.

Many viewers were shocked to learn of Rinna’s exit given the amount of drama the actress generated for the show, and some are worried the new season will be lackluster.

In an interview with E! News, Kyle was asked how the show is different with Lisa gone.

Though she initially claimed Lisa was “great” for the show, the star added, “I have to say, you know, we had a really great season.”

She continued, “Each season [we] have a lot of fun. I don’t think you saw that last season. I don’t think I had any fun last season.”

Kyle also teased there’s “a lot of drama” and “personal story” among the cast.

When asked about her current relationship with Camille, Kyle explained she “never” imagined being friends with her again, but she said they’re now “friendly.”

“You know, we don’t hang out a lot, but we’re in a good place now. But it comes and goes with me and Camille sometimes, but [we’re good],” she explained.

Kyle then gave an update on sister Kathy, who she fought with last season. “We spoke at the shower,” said the star, addressing their niece’s bridal shower. “Things are obviously not great, I think most people know that. But we’re family, we’re blood. We’ll always come back together.”

Regarding the upcoming nuptials, Kyle expressed, “It’s my niece’s special day and she’s going to be getting married … and we’re all going to be together there. We’ll be, of course, civil and nice and hopefully, one day, be back to normal again.”