RHOA Recap: Marlo Calls Kandi Selfish and Kenya Slams Marlo as Bottom Rung B-tch as They Continue to Feud at Sheree’s Gucci-Themed Brunch

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Drew is rehearsing for a music video for her song and Sheree invites the ladies to a Gucci themed brunch to fix the fractured relationships in the group Plus Kenya considers using an embroyo so Brooklyn will have a sibling

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we are “Keeping it Gucci.” Will wearing some vintage Gucci be enough to help these feuding Housewives mend the fences that divide them? Give Sheree a hammer and nails, and let her try to fix this divided group.

Drew is meeting up with a music video director named Rage. He somehow does not know about the movie Step Up — so that gives me pause — but Drew is not too concerned. Drew is confident he can help her achieve her dreams since he is one of the best in the business. She likes how he makes his videos sexy and can capture the personality of the talent. Rage wants to include a rollerskating rink in the video. It does sound like that would be fun to film!

Rage then prophetically inquires about her marriage to Ralph and lets her know that if she can make it past the eighth year of marriage, she is golden. Well, she did not — she ended up with some tarnished gold. Rage wants to know if Ralph is in the best physical shape, and if not, he might need to hire some hot buff talent. Drew is not giving Ralph any props, but I thought that was Ralph’s one positive attribute?

Sanya and Sheree are going for a Real Housewife tradition of getting cryotherapy, which is so tiring. She shares that Ross’s business is “popping” and he is not home a lot. Sanya is trying to have a baby, but Ross is MIA for it. Sheree is giddy over Rihanna talking about She by Sheree on social media. Sanya and Sheree talk about how divided the group is since most are Team Kandi. Sheree wants to plan an event centered around Gucci, and she is convinced she can mend these fences.

Marlo is meeting up with Courtney since no one wants to film with her, and she is clearly extremely parched and chose to latch on to the rotten peach of this group. She lets her know that she has a date that her friends have set up. Marlo thanks Courtney for her support and help to expunge her records so she can have a weapon for protection. She wishes that Kandi had been a more supportive person when she lost her nephew. Side note: I find Marlo wanting a weapon in one scene and then being distraught over her nephew being shot to be a strange juxtaposition.

Kandi and Sanya chat about the alleged team-building event that was anything but. She would rather be at an event where she is getting honored, and kudos to Kandi for being nominated for a Tony! Kandi thinks that Sanya has been riding the fence, but really, Sanya is afraid of the splinters she will receive if she stops riding the fence. She thinks that Marlo is attention-getting, and she is out to bring attention to things that Kandi would like to forget.

Kandi gets emotional over losing her brother when she was 15 years old. She is not normally a sentimental person, but this conversation is triggering for her. Kandi tries to motivate people when they have tragic things happen in their lives. She is not the friend who is a hand holder — she is the one who will show you life does go on and helps you see that.

Drew is working with some professional dancers for her video. Ralph is disappointed that he was not deemed hot enough by Rage to be in her video. The man that was supposed to be in the video was double-booked, so Ralph just got his job back. Ralph does make it happen, and he looks good doing it.

Kenya is meeting with her doctor to see if it is possible for her to have another baby. She has been having some issues with her hormones, but her sex drive is off the charts. Kenya wants Brooklyn to have a sibling. She wants to use an embryo fertilized by Marc so Brooklyn will have a full sibling. Kenya had a lot of issues carrying Brooklyn, and the doctor warns her that there are a lot of risks. The doctor mentions that Kenya’s delivery was the worst one she ever had. Why does she want another connection to Marc?

Sheree is throwing her Gucci brunch, and she needs to figure out the seating and serve food that does not need to be cut with a knife. She wants to separate the Kandi-coated crew so she can break up the clique. Sheree wants to get back to the fun times and stay away from the negative. Kenya comes in with a bag that is Chanel instead of Gucci, so we are already seeing that Kenya is not willing to concede. Marlo thinks that Drew looks like a handyman in her Gucci, and I did have to laugh at that. She calls all of them a bootleg girl group.

Sheree gets emotional and tells the ladies they need to learn to coexist. Kenya warns Sheree that only Jesus can fix this mess. Kandi and Courtney make nice with each other so they can move forward. Sanya tells Kenya that she is a consistent friend to her, but then Kenya was dismissive of her after she came to Birmingham. Kenya is hanging on to the comment Sanya made on WWHL about her fake booty. In her ITM, Sheree says it is not from squats but shots, which I love.

Marlo just wants a different relationship with Kandi with their 10 years of history. Kandi tries to reason with the unreasonable and tells her that she would not want her name associated with murder either. Marlo then pivots and throws Drew under the bus since she brought the “incident” up at Kandi’s restaurant, not her. Kenya and Drew keep talking for Kandi, and I wish they would stop since I want Kandi to be able to share her feelings with Marlo. Sheree wishes that the ladies could just learn to listen to each other. Marlo, who is not capable of having a productive conversation, gets up from the table and tries to leave. Sheree chases her to the parking lot.

Kenya is calling Marlo a “bottom rung b-tch,” and Marlo tells Sheree that Kenya is just disrespectful. Sheree then coaxes Marlo back to the table and convinces Marlo she is capable of silencing Kenya. In her ITM, Marlo thought she was coming to brunch, but she found it to be a crucifixion — and she butchers that word until production can help her.

Kandi believes that Marlo is looking to blame somebody for her trauma. Marlo does not want that bad energy to get on her Python Gucci. She expects loyalty from Kandi, but she is quick to forget all that Kandi has done for her. Marlo then tells Kandi she is selfish and privileged. She expected Kandi to provide flowers and pay for a funeral to show how loyal of a friend she is. Kandi is clearly done with this nonsense and will not acquiesce to Marlo. Sheree is happy that she was able to make headway with four of the ladies, so to her, the Gucci-covered brunch was a success…

Next week, the ladies are rollerskating for Drew’s music video. Marlo has her first date with a guy — who has been locked up. Happy Monday, Blurbers, and have a great week!