Vanderpump Rules’ James Kennedy Shares Photo of His New Home and Teases BravoCon Surprise as He Jokes He’s in “Dad Mode” and Ally Discusses Their Future

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Vanderpump Rules' James Kennedy Shares Photo of His New Home and Teases BravoCon Surprise as He Jokes He's in "Dad Mode" and Ally Discusses Their Future

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James Kennedy shared a new photo of the $1.3 million home he purchased in March on Tuesday.

After moving into the three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,327-square-foot property in Burbank with girlfriend Ally Lewber, the Vanderpump Rules star gave his audience a look at the home’s exterior and teased a BravoCon surprise as the two of them looked toward their future.

“We’re getting settled, moving in, and decorating. It’s fun,” Ally told Bravo of how she and James are staying busy.

“Ally’s been amazing. She’s decorated the whole place,” James noted, adding that he’s in charge of their garden, which he “[loves],” and the backyard.

“I’m in very much, like, dad mode. Not dad mode, but you know what I mean? I’ve got a house now. Very grown up!” he proclaimed.

in the coming months, James said he and Ally will be “hanging out at the pool, working out, meditat[ing], and [enjoying] good food” — while also focusing on their careers, him as he “[DJs] a lot” and “[releases] tons of good music,” and her as she gives her attention to her astrology business, “which is actually killing it,” according to James.

“She’s doing amazing things [and] connecting with so many people around the world. So that’s just gonna evolve into something amazing,” James gushed.

“We’re just excited. We’re just living life together,” he continued. “We got our two little cats at home and we’re just excited for a fun summer, you know?”

Looking back on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ bombshell affair of season 10, James admitted he felt like he was being “pushed out” of the group before the news was shared.

“I didn’t understand why. And obviously, now I do,” he stated. “It makes you question, like, is there something wrong with me? Do I have to change something? But I think it’s just another good reminder to always stay true to yourself. Even though you might be questioned by a bigger group, stay true to yourself.”

As for Pump Rules season 11, Ally said the future relationships among the cast are “very unpredictable.”

“I don’t really know what to expect or how the dynamic between everyone is gonna work out,” she confessed.

In other Pump Rules news, James hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session on his Instagram Story on Tuesday, during which a fan asked him if he was attending the next BravoCon, which is set to take place this November in Las Vegas.

“You BET!” he confirmed. “And we planning something very special for y’all.”

Vanderpump Rules James Kennedy Teases Surprise at BravoCon

Another fan asked James, “When are we having a bbq at your house?”

“Very soon!” he replied. “The backyard is almost ready for summer.”

And with his response, James gave his fans and followers a look at the exterior of his stunning new home. You can click here to see more photos of James’ home.

Vanderpump Rules James Kennedy Shares Photo of Backyard and Pool at New Home

The Vanderpump Rules cast is expected to begin filming season 11 later this month.