RHOA Recap: Sheree Confronts Kandi Over She by Sheree Diss, Drew Reunites With Sister After Ralph Banned Her From Home, Plus Marlo Slams Drew and Goes on a Date

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RHOA Recap: Drew shoots her music video and her sister Allison visits after being banned from her home for slamming Ralph and Sheree confronts Kandi for making fun of her business Plus Marlo goes on a blind date

This week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta will be rollerskating in Drew’s music video, and Marlo will be going on a blind date. Grab your skates and kneepads (Marlo needs these), and let us have some fun for once this season in Atlanta!

Drew starts off the episode filming with her adorable daughter, Aniya. She then shows off her dance moves to her assistant, Danielle. Drew has some real-life issues getting Alexa to play her song, though, and we can all relate to this nonsense. Ralph comes into the room to see if she needs any help. He looks awkward in this scene. I can see where they are starting to have cracks in their relationship, especially when they discuss her family.

Ralph has banned Drew’s sister Allison from their home since they had issues in the past. Allison used to manage Drew, and then she was dealing with mental health issues during COVID. She was overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing her sister’s career. Ralph said Allison has hurt him by rightfully calling him controlling and manipulative. Drew is now in agreement with her big sister since she said Ralph was a serial cheater and mentally abusive. Side note: We all saw this player for who he is. Ralph would run off to Tampa — which happens to be the strip club capital of the world — and be MIA.

Sheree is chatting with her operations manager, and we get to see precious Mecca in some of her ad pics. She has no idea if she is even earning a return on her investment yet when a producer inquires. Sheree has spent so much money and is not “in profit” yet. She does want to prove “hater Kandi” wrong. Sheree texts Kandi and wants to meet up with her since they did not get to clear the air at the brunch.

Marlo is filming an Instagram Live from Lé Archive. She is using her platform to help foster children by doing Foster Care Friday. Sanya joins her and shares that her line of clothing is now in Belk’s. She thinks that she sees another side of Marlo and naively believes that the other ladies bring out the bad in Marlo. Production then whips out some videos that prove otherwise. Marlo believes that she cannot do anything right in the other ladies’ eyes. She shares that she is going on a date that her friends have set up. Marlo says that no one has been between her legs in the last four years. Maybe she does not count the times she had a credit card swiped down below? Marlo claims to have sworn off the old white dudes.

Sheree and Kandi meet up to go for a walk, and Kandi is the only one dressed for it. She wishes that Kandi would give Marlo some grace, especially if this time she gave her two buckets of KFC chicken. She might be able to forgive her for some finger-licking good chicken — it can work on me! Sheree first shares her job is being a Glamma, but then the conversation goes left. She wants to know why Kandi has been on other platforms dissing her business. DAMN! Kandi has 10 million followers! Kandi is surprised that Sheree is holding onto this, especially since they did not talk about it at the Gucci lunch.

Sheree wants to know why Kandi has not bought anything from She By Sheree, and Kandi tells her that the site crashed. She gives a long-convoluted explanation of why the website does not work. Sheree then shames Kandi for failing some health inspections at her restaurant. They argue about slapping labels on other designers’ fashions. Kandi encouraged her to do this in the past since she could not manufacture it herself. She regrets making her comments on a public platform and these two appear to be good — for now.

Kandi and Todd are talking about his movie and casting Drew as the wife. She does not want to be typecasted as the one who turns women out due to her other role in The Chi. Todd thinks that Drew would be perfect for the wife role, and she could definitely use the work while she is going through a nasty divorce.

Drew has her mom, Pastor Jeanette, over, and her sister Allison is coming. She looks pretty in this scene and being blonde works for her. Production wraps at 10:30 p.m. when Allison arrives at Drew’s house. Ralph went to bed so he could avoid Allison.

Drew has the ladies — minus Kandi, Marlo, and Sheree — show up to film her music video on skates, and Allison can see her little sister in action. WTF is Drew doing in her ITM with the zebra print? I swear, every time I try to give props to Drew when she looks good, she must blow it in another scene.  Drew has been taking skating lessons, but honestly, it does not appear like she has mastered it. She should have not worn the short shorts, which are not such a good look on her. Sanya has concerns she is going to injure herself like she did in Jamaica. Kenya, who clearly cannot be happy for anyone, says this comes across as a low-budget Beyonce “Blow” vibe. Monyetta finds it cute — just like her daughter’s skate party.

Ralph and Allison hug it out at the skating rink. She is so happy to see her sister and Ralph getting along. Pastor Jeanette gets emotional seeing her daughters together.

Marlo is getting ready for her date and chatting with William and Michael. She is meeting her blind date at a restaurant in a strip mall. Marlo wants a guy who is RICH and sexy. Sanya calls when Marlo is in the car, and she wishes her the best. Marlo calls Drew on FaceTime to see if she will answer her phone. She tells Drew that she is going on a blind date. Drew wants an apology from Marlo for being aggressive with her. Marlo gives her an apology, and then when Drew starts going on and on, she hangs up on her. She then starts her ugly rant and calls Drew’s body a total square (sorry kind of true) and insults her acting career, calling her a wannabe actress (not true).

Marlo meets the very handsome restaurant owner named Scotley, who gives me Ross vibes. She is relieved that her friends found her someone who seems to have his sh*t together. Scotley gives her a bouquet of roses, which is a nice touch. They have a back-and-forth about sucking prawns, which is filled with sexual innuendo. Scotley shares that he is 39 and has three children. Marlo really did not want to date anyone with young kids, but the dating pool is limited.

Marlo then asks the handsome Jamaican about his past, and he is also an ex-con, which thrills Marlo. They commiserate over being in jail and both agree that they have grown from their experience. Marlo and Scotley seem like a good match, and this date was a good scene to end the episode with.

Next week, Kenya has Roi come to town, and she is recording a video for her haircare line. Kim makes an appearance, so maybe that will liven up this season? Have a marvelous Monday, Blurbers, and please check out this week’s podcast: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-45y5c-143e27d.