Kyle Richards Shares and Deletes “Sorrow” Post Amid ‘Separation’ as Morgan Wade’s Ex Explains Content Alluding to Romance and RHOBH Star Says She’s “Not Single”

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Kyle Richards Shares and Deletes "Sorrow" Post Amid 'Separation' as Morgan Wade's Ex Explains Content Alluding to Romance and RHOBH Star Says She's "Not Single"

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Kyle Richards shared a seemingly cryptic post about “sorrow” on her Instagram Story on Friday before quickly deleting the message. But was it about her reported separation from Mauricio Umansky?

As Kyle explained the post in a comment, Morgan Wade‘s ex, Kady Cannon, reacted to claims that she alluded to a romance between Kyle and Morgan as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star insisted she and the country singer are just friends and clarified that she is “not single.”

“How is single life?” a Backgrid photographer in Los Angeles asked Kyle as she filled up her SUV earlier this week.

“I am not single,” Kyle replied.

And when he further pressed, “Are you dating Morgan Wade?,” Kyle said, “I’m not gonna answer that,” as she shook her head, “no.”

Continuing on, the photographer pointed out that she and Morgan “look cute together” as he asked her what her favorite song of Morgan’s was.

“‘Wilder Days’ maybe,” she answered, stating that the two of them are “very good friends.”

Also, during the interview, the man asked Kyle if she was excited for her summer “now that she’s divorced.”

“I’m not divorced,” Kyle corrected.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, after suggesting days ago that her former girlfriend left her for a married woman, Kady posted a lengthy message about the content she shared.

“I don’t know the nature of the details of the relationship between Morgan and Kyle. The specifics of the past relationship that I had with Morgan are irrelevant at this time,” Kady began.

“The content I put out on social media platforms can be left up to interpretation, and it’s important to note that it is only about my perspective of my life experiences,” she continued. “Sometimes it’s about intimate relationships I’ve had with exes, sometimes it’s about business or friendships and family. I use social media as a creative outlet to share and express my truth and feelings while connecting with and helping those that can relate. It’s intended to facilitate growth and aide in the healing process. Iv’e found that it creates a community and connection that normalizes these human experiences.”

Kady then said that she has “nothing but well wishes for all parties” and that she believes “everything will work out the way it’s supposed to for the betterment of all.”

On her own page, Kyle shared a post from Aspen, Colorado, where she and Mauricio recently attended her niece Whitney Davis‘ wedding.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” read the caption of Kyle’s since-deleted post, which was shared by Comments by Bravo on Instagram.

RHOBH Kyle Richards Shares Post About Sorrow Amid Separation

But while many felt the message referenced her alleged separation from Mauricio, Kyle, who celebrated the Fourth of July with the realtor, Kyle said in a comment that it did not.

“This was in regards to having to leave Aspen!” she said after Page Six mentioned her “veryyyy cryptic quote,” adding that it’s since been “deleted.”

RHOBH Kyle Richards Explains Sorrow Post Amid Separation

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 is expected to begin airing on Bravo sometime this fall.