Here’s Where Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Stand After Schwartz Claims He’s “Stepping Away” From Friendship After His Affair With Raquel Leviss

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Here’s Where Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval Stand After Schwartz Claims He's "Stepping Away" From Friendship After His Affair With Raquel Leviss

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Tom Schwartz has recently alluded to the end of his friendship with Tom Sandoval, but is that really the case?

A new report is shedding light on where Vanderpump Rules castmates stand with each other after Sandoval’s messy affair with Raquel Leviss.

An insider is speaking out after Schwartz slammed Sandoval as “messed up” for cheating on Ariana Madix and suggested he was “stepping away” from their relationship “permanently.”

“It’s incredibly messed up,” Schwartz said of Sandoval’s affair on the June 12 episode of FOX’s Stars on Mars. “It seems each time I try to weigh in or talk about, ramble on about it, drivel on, I inevitably sound like I’m somehow justifying it or making excuses for it, and I’m not. Because there’s just no excuse for it.”

Although Schwartz had previously been criticized for giving Sandoval too much grace, he made it clear that he doesn’t condone his behavior on the reality show.

“Any sort of version of his side of the story has become obsolete because of the way he handled it,” he explained. “Ultimately, that’s his life. That is his life. I did not have an affair. I am not him. It’s just so strange that I’ve been absolutely mired in this. It’s taken on almost a life of its own. And after this, I’m stepping away from it permanently.”

While Schwartz has taken a lot of heat in recent months, that hasn’t led him to cut ties with Sandoval.

“Schwartz meant that comment in relation to Scandoval, not Tom,” a source close to the situation told E! News. “Of course, they are and will remain friends.”

In addition to addressing “Scandoval” on Stars on Mars, Schwartz told Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright on their podcast, When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany, earlier this month that he was “taking a break from Tom” and that he hadn’t “seen him in a while.”

“He made a big mess and he left it for us to clean up back at the businesses,” he admitted. “It’s hard for me not to feel resentful of him.”

As Pump Rules fans may know, Schwartz & Sandy’s has gotten a lot of backlash due to Sandoval cheating on Ariana. And while appearing on The Toast podcast days ago, Jax alleged that the owners want to “get rid” of Sandoval, even asking him if he’d like to gain ownership.

During an interview with TMZ last month, Sandoval addressed Schwartz’s comments himself, clarifying that his longtime friend was done with “Scandoval,” not him.

“It’s been corrected like five times cuz people just hear what they wanna hear. He said he’s indefinitely over talking about ‘Scandoval,’ not Sandoval. ‘Scandoval,’” he stated. “This will probably be like the fifth or sixth time that’s cleared up.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is currently in production.